Waiting For Aegina Waiting For Aegina

Waiting for a Glacier to Move

Title : Waiting for a Glacier to Move
Author : Jennifer R. Ayres
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Total pages: 218 pages
ISBN: 1608991970

When asked about his work for social change, one Presbyterian elder and activist sighed, "You always have the feeling that you're attacking an iceberg with an ice pick. . . . But still, some people do listen, and it does some good. As they say, even glaciers move every now and then." The work for social change is long, arduous, and yields only the smallest of results. What sustains religious social activists while they chip away at social change? This book examines the practice of social activism from the inside out, exploring how activists are affected by their participation in the public sphere. Drawing on the fields of practice theory, social movement theory, and theologies of sin and hope, this book presents an interdisciplinary look at a complex phenomenon, and concludes with proposals for the nourishment of social activism within the church.

Awaiting the City

Title : Awaiting the City
Author : Chaf Brand,Tom Pratt
Publisher: Kregel Academic
Total pages: 240 pages
ISBN: 0825488559

People of faith have always been on search for the homeland, first promised to Abraham in light of the Babylonian civilization he left. That future hope was reinterpreted by Jesus and taken up by St. Augustine in The City of God, reinterpreted again by John Calvin in Geneva, and given a final form by the Puritan pilgrims who came to America to establish the City upon a Hill. Fundamental to this quest for a just, holy civilization has been the progress of humankind on the earth in light of the mandate to fill and rule over it. Authors Chad Brand and Tom Pratt discuss that progress as they answer the vital questions for praxis: How should biblically oriented Christians think of and work toward God's justice along the way? How can we steer between a utopian vision and a limited vision to a new rational compassion?

Lady in Waiting

Title : Lady in Waiting
Author : Jackie Kendall
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Total pages: 304 pages
ISBN: 0768488605

You hold in your hands a fresh and exciting way to enhance your personal life and enrich your spiritual journey. This expanded edition of Lady in Waiting includes: Original text of the best-selling book--complete and unabridged! Complete Study Guide--Learn how to apply the principles taught in Lady in Waiting. These questions, quotes, thoughts, and teachings will help you to become the woman of God that He designed you to be. You can also record your spiritual growth in a specially designed journal section. Don't miss this opportunity to become God's lady in waiting! Forty-Day Meditational Journal--This section offers profound motivational truths from some of the greatest women of God in the history of the Church, with meditative readings to help you live in the presence of the Lord every day. Quiet meditation, contemplative prayer, and careful study will help you receive the full benefit from spiritual truth--and this new edition assists with all three. When you give yourself to the Lord through the pages of this book, the spiritual truths you gain will bring you to new places in your experience with God and prepare you for deeper levels of loving relationships!

Lady in Waiting Meditation

Title : Lady in Waiting Meditation
Author : Jackie Kendall
Publisher: Destiny Image Pub
Total pages: 160 pages
ISBN: 9780768430349

Millions have already benefited from the compelling truths learned in Lady in Waiting and have personally applied many of the truths to their own life. Now with the help of this meditative journal you will have the opportunity to take that learning into a new depth of personal experience. Reading and reflecting deeply on the selected quotes from the book will enable you to enter into new realms of understanding and application as you pen your own thoughts and conclusions . Added to the quotes from the book are searching and revealing truths from such writers as Sussanna Wesley, Jessie Penn-Lewis, Hannah Moore, Mother Theresa, Corrie Ten Boom and others.

We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting for

Title : We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting for
Author : Alice Walker
Publisher: The New Press
Total pages: 272 pages
ISBN: 1595585893

A New York Times bestseller in hardcover, Pulitzer Prize winner Alice Walker’s We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For was called “stunningly insightful” and “a book that will inspire hope” by Publishers Weekly. Drawing equally on Walker’s spiritual grounding and her progressive political convictions, each chapter concludes with a recommended meditation to teach us patience, compassion, and forgiveness. We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For takes on some of the greatest challenges of our times and in it Walker encourages readers to take faith in the fact that, despite the daunting predicaments we find ourselves in, we are uniquely prepared to create positive change. The hardcover edition of We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For included a national tour that saw standing-room–only crowds and standing ovations. Walker’s clear vision and calm meditative voice—truly “a light in darkness”—has struck a deep chord among a large and devoted readership.

The Pulpit Is Waiting

Title : The Pulpit Is Waiting
Author : Joe Cothen
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
Total pages: 301 pages
ISBN: 9781565543010

Dr. Joe H. Cothen, who first taught how to be a pastor in Equipped for Good Work: A Guide for Pastors, now teaches how to preach- a task which lies at the very core of a pastor's work. In each chapter, Dr. Cothen outlines several sample sermons and provides numerous Biblical references. He also draws on his more than forty years of experience as a pastor and instructor. For example, he relates the findings of a past student's homework assignment to look for any interesting sights or sounds in the everyday goings-on of the city. What the student saw was a blind man walking with his seeing eye dog. When they stopped at the corner, he noticed that the dog was, in fact, blind in one eye! What the student saw would make a wonderful sermon: "If that blind man can trust his life to a one-eyed dog, surely I ought to be able to trust my life to a God who can see everything in my path throughout life." Such strategies capture the congregation's attention, and only by maintaining the interest of the congregation is the pastor able to convey his message-and His message.

Waiting for Prince Charming in the Real World

Title : Waiting for Prince Charming in the Real World
Author : Sally Smale
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total pages: 80 pages
ISBN: 9781536986150

Have you ever wondered if there really is a Prince Charming? Would you give anything to meet him? Perhaps you're in the middle of a messy relationship or a marriage that has left you feeling broken and unloved. Are you afraid to even think about finding true love or maybe have decided that there is no such thing? What if there is a perfect love - a relationship designed just for you? WAITING FOR PRINCE CHARMING IN THE REAL WORLD is a story about finding true love and acceptance in a world filled with pain and rejection. The author takes you on a journey using humor in the face of stark reality, as well as heartfelt compassion for those in comparable situations. Fairytale meets reality at the surprise waiting along the way.

They Are Waiting in Your Room for You!

Title : They Are Waiting in Your Room for You!
Author : Paul Zann
Publisher: America Star Books
Total pages: 28 pages
ISBN: 9781633827332

The arrival home of a new-born baby is a joyous event for the new parents, family, friends, and neighbors. The text and illustrations in this book capture that excitement. Children of all ages will enjoy reading, or having it read to them, as they learn how their arrival created similar joy. Paul Zann is an Australian-born Canadian citizen. His previous seven books include an adult novel and poetry book, plus three very popular young readers' novels about the adventures of a wild gang of Australian animals - kangaroo, koala, platypus, dingo, emu, ant-eater, and kookaburra.

The Prince in Waiting

Title : The Prince in Waiting
Author : John Christopher
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Total pages: 272 pages
ISBN: 1481419935

A thirteen-year-old’s expectations of royalty give way to adventure in the first book in the post-apocalyptic Sword of the Spirits trilogy from the author of The Tripods series. In Winchester, roles are clearly defined. Warriors fight battles every spring. Dwarfs make the swords and the shields. Grotesque mutants are the servant class. Seers interpret the wishes and predictions of the spirits. And the Prince is the ruler of the city. Thirteen-year-old Luke has no reason to suspect that any of this will change. It’s been this way for centuries...at least since the year 2000. But things are not what they seem, and soon Luke is thrown into a story of ambition and adventure in the primitive world of the future, expertly crafted by critically acclaimed Tripods author John Christopher.

The Waiting Room

Title : The Waiting Room
Author : Wilson Harris
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Total pages: 80 pages
ISBN: 0571297870

In this 1967 novel Wilson Harris explores the spiritual and psychic realities beyond the mundane facts of relationships, boldly constructing his story on the basis of fragments. When the Forrestals died in an explosion that wrecked their home and destroyed most of its contents, there survived a disjointed diary - or 'log book', as Susan Forrestal called it. She had suffered from an affliction of the eyes which, after three operations, left her almost blind. Abandoned by her lover, who disappeared without a trace, she eventually married a kind and solicitous husband; nevertheless her lover continued to haunt her in such a way that his presence had an almost living reality. 'I admire Wilson Harris's novels greatly; he is one of the very few living novelists whose works are too brief for my tastes.' Anthony Burgess

What Is God Waiting For?

Title : What Is God Waiting For?
Author : Marlinda Ireland
Publisher: Baker Books
Total pages: 208 pages
ISBN: 1441268316

In a world of fast-food meals, high-speed Internet, and quick solutions, waiting is tough. Sometimes, if we don't get a quick answer to our problems--wanting a child, a mate, a new job, a house-we feel stuck. Where is God? Has he forgotten us? No, says Marlinda Ireland, God has not forgotten! We may be caught in a "divine delay," a time of waiting which holds a purpose and is an opportunity to learn enduring lessons. Learn from the biblical stories of men and women who persevered in waiting for God and discover four primary causes of delayed answers to prayer. Then learn three secrets that help readers mature during a "heavenly holding pattern." Ireland shows how to value a time of waiting for what is desired and offers encouragement and confidence in God's all-knowing love. Step-by-step, through sound biblical principles, she lifts readers out of their frustrations into a renewed passion for the future.

Waiting for Cancer to Come

Title : Waiting for Cancer to Come
Author : Sharlene Hesse-Biber
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
Total pages: 226 pages
ISBN: 0472052195

A narrative-driven exploration of the effects of BRCA genetic testing on the lives of at-risk women

What are We Waiting For?

Title : What are We Waiting For?
Author : Richard Leonard
Publisher: Paulist Press
Total pages: N.A pages
ISBN: 1587684497

Waiting for Bells

Title : Waiting for Bells
Author : Brett Ramseyer
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
Total pages: N.A pages
ISBN: 1329868056

Waiting for Bells grows from the rows of a Michigan classroom. Teachers tire of the expression that the real world starts once students matriculate or that those who cannot, teach. Instead, school halls teem with tales of tragedy, talent, love, loss, depression, desire, betrayal and hope for both students and staff. Those real life themes tug a thread through the first and title short of this 16 story collection of fiction. There are five sections to this book including: Teaching, Prep School, Bachelors, Study Abroad & Graduates. Teaching touches raw nerves of a profession that sees an all time high of teachers leaving schools permanently and few young filling that void. Prep School braves the minefields of adolescent love and loss. Bachelors puts a foot in the past and a tentative step in the future to straddle a precarious present of “friendship.” Study Abroad leaves the country forever changing those who return and Graduates toss their mortar boards too high to catch them again.

We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

Title : We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For
Author : Alice Walker
Publisher: Hachette UK
Total pages: 292 pages
ISBN: 1780223056

A timely, meditative book reasserting the power of the individual, from the author of THE COLOR PURPLE. 'It is the worst of times. It is the best of times. Try as I might I cannot find a more appropriate opening for this volume' Terrorist attacks, natural disasters such as the Asian tsunami and the flooding of New Orleans, the reality of global warming, ongoing warfare in Iraq and the de-stabilisation of the Middle East - sometimes the future can seem bleak, if not frightening. Yet this is not a pessimistic book. Taking a line from the poet June Jordan who said 'We are the Ones we have been waiting for' - Alice Walker reasserts the power of the individual in making political change happen. In short, we can 'fix things' by focusing on what we share as human beings rather than what separates us. Looking at subjects as diverse as sending our children to war, the rich/poor divide, Nature, the I Ching, modern gender roles, women in the military, and even a piece on her dog Marley, Alice Walker looks towards an optimistic view of the future through a more intuitive understanding of the self and the world around us.

Spark to a Waiting Fuse

Title : Spark to a Waiting Fuse
Author : James K. Baxter,Noel Ginn,Paul Millar
Publisher: Victoria University Press
Total pages: 567 pages
ISBN: 9780864734006

Text contains 56 letters from a teenage, James K Baxter to his slightly older friend Noel Ginn, then imprisoned as a conscientious objector. Also included are the complete texts of 255 poems written at the time and discussed in the letters, many of them published for the first time, provide an insight into the formative years of this significant poet.. Several black and white photographs of the poet's earlier life supplement text.

Waiting in Joyful Hope

Title : Waiting in Joyful Hope
Author : Jay Cormier
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Total pages: 103 pages
ISBN: 0814633625

Perfect for busy people who wish to enrich their personal prayer life during the seasons of Advent and Christmas, Waiting in Joyful Hope provides short yet inspirational meditations and reflections for daily use.

All Waiting Is Long

Title : All Waiting Is Long
Author : Barbara Taylor
Publisher: Akashic Books
Total pages: 288 pages
ISBN: 1617754439

The much-anticipated sequel to Barbara J. Taylor's best-selling debut novel, Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night.

What Are You Waiting For? So Act Already!(the Unsociable Business of Social Networking and Why the So Act Social Network Will Change the World)

Title : What Are You Waiting For? So Act Already!(the Unsociable Business of Social Networking and Why the So Act Social Network Will Change the World)
Author : Jon Hansen
Publisher: Lulu.com
Total pages: 108 pages
ISBN: 0557318653

"So Act wasn't created to build a better network. It was created to build a better world." The above observation regarding the So Act network was of course mine, and it was incorporated into the October 27th, 2009 press release, in which the company made the announcement that I would be writing this book. So Act is truly "The 60 minutes of Social Networks" where you engage, mobilize and empower people into action." Whatever the mission, cause, product, service, program, cure, or solution, So Act can help you expand your sphere of influence and crystallize forward thinking into positive action on a larger scale while harmoniously merging economic and socially conscious goals. At the end of this text I will hopefully have provided you with a balanced view of what may very well become the model against which all other social networks and revenue models will be measured.

Waiting in Hope

Title : Waiting in Hope
Author : Tony Alonso
Publisher: Saint Mary's Press
Total pages: 47 pages
ISBN: 0884899489

When people think of the weeks leading up to Christmas, what images come to mind? This is a time for making wish lists, sending cards, purchasing gifts, putting up decorations, planning parties, baking, and attending concerts. There are four weeks before Christmas that seem to run against the grain of excitement that surrounds this busy time of year: the season of Advent. Advent is a time of waiting and watching. The word Advent literally means "coming." Its about waiting for God's coming into our midst now, just as the world waited so many years ago. Advent is a time to prepare for Jesus's birth through prayer, reflection, and action. The solution to truly celebrating Advent isn't to simply ignore everything around us, but in finding ways to pray and reflect each day amid all this activity. We need to reflect on what God is asking of us during this time of year and find ways to live out the message of the Gospel each day.Waiting in Hope: Praying and Living Adventcan help young people set the course for their Advent journey. The prayers, reflections, and other information provided are tools to help them enter more deeply into the richness of this season.