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Title : Trumpocracy
Author : Michael Mathiesen
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total pages: 98 pages
ISBN: 9781540324450

Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. During his campaign he promised to Drain The Swamp and make America Great Again. So, it's now up to all Americans to help him so this because there's no way he can do all of that by himself. A Trumpocracy - The Rule of the People, By The People and For The People at all times utilizing the power of the Internet - is our greatest ally. Isn't it time you learned how to JOIN - http://www.Trumpocracy.usNow that Donald Trump is President of the United States and given that he has promised to "Drain The Swamp" and give the "Power To The People", we need to do our part to help ensure that these two promises - the most important ones out of the hundreds that he made - come true during his first year in office. No one can effect the kinds of changes that Donald Trump plans for us without becoming Dictator, unless he uses the democratic process set up for us by the founding fathers of this great nation. If Donald Trump can really "Make This Country Great Again", he must do it with our advise and consent. We also know that Trump cannot accomplish anything that even smacks of bringing the power back to the people utilizing a Congress who are bought and paid for by the huge Multi-National Corporations who love things the way they are. In Trade, for example, they currently ship billions of computers, phones, cars, trucks, building materials, even food without any tariffs. Trump wants to put up 35% tariffs on imported goods to prevent Ford Motors and Carrier Air Conditioning from moving their jobs to Mexico. SO, the large corporations will block anything that President Trump wants to do because you cannot make laws using Executive Orders, even though George W. Bush and Barack Obama did their best to put us on this path towards dictatorship - Trump has promised to reverse their Executive Orders because they are Unconstitutional. Therefore, Trump has no other option than to use us - the American People to get on the Internet and start making the movement take shape like no other movement in our history. The Trump Revolution must be peaceful and it must be an orderly transition to a real Democracy - otherwise there will just be more and more of the same concentration of power in the hands of a few in the Bribed Congress.Doing your part for your country at this time effectively means that you must learn as much as you can regarding this Trumpocracy that we put forward in these pages and then helping to spread the word by merely giving it a 5 Star Rating everywhere you find a mention of it.Let's build a Wall on the border and get tough on Immigration IF the vast majority of American citizens want that. We can no longer rely on their word about a 'Silent Majority' always being on their side - endorsing every wacky idea they get in their heads. Let's lower taxes on the corporations and the billionaires who don't pay their fair share as it is and these organizations and their cronies who rip us all off for the billions in bonuses they can steal from the companies they were hired to serve. Let's do that if the vast majority of Americans want to support that idea by giving it a 5 Star Rating by the millions. Let's repeal ObamaCare if the vast majority of us want to do that. Let's replace it with Medicare for ALL - if that's what the majority want. In a Democracy - now the Trumpocracy - we're supposed to all bow to the will of the majority on most issues. We have never had the chance to test a Real Democracy history until now.Through the amazing and wonderful technological miracle of the Internet, We The People really can take the power - we can be in control of our country. Yes we can change the world. We do it to rate our restaurants and hotels and even our friends on Facebook, why not use the same technology to choose the best of the best candidates and all of the wacky and sometimes wonderful ideas - even getting a few of our own along the way to compare.