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The Treachery of Beautiful Things Ebook Summary Download

Download The Treachery of Beautiful Things free pdf ebook online. The Treachery of Beautiful Things is a book by Ruth Frances Long on 16-8-2012. Enjoy reading book with 5371 readers by starting download or read online The Treachery of Beautiful Things.

Full eBook Title : The Treachery of Beautiful Things
Author : Ruth Frances Long
Category : Books
Release Date : 16-8-2012
Book : English Books
Downloads : 680
Reads : 5371

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The Dark Tower: Treachery Ebook Summary Download

Download The Dark Tower: Treachery free pdf ebook online. The Dark Tower: Treachery is a book by Robin Furth on 21-4-2009. Enjoy reading book with 7399 readers by starting download or read online The Dark Tower: Treachery.

Full eBook Title : The Dark Tower: Treachery
Author : Robin Furth
Category : Books
Release Date : 21-4-2009
Book : English Books
Downloads : 193
Reads : 7399

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Scorched Treachery (Imdalind, #3) Ebook Summary Download

Download Scorched Treachery (Imdalind, #3) free pdf ebook online. Scorched Treachery (Imdalind, #3) is a book by Rebecca Ethington on 11-7-2013. Enjoy reading book with 4056 readers by starting download or read online Scorched Treachery (Imdalind, #3).

Full eBook Title : Scorched Treachery (Imdalind, #3)
Author : Rebecca Ethington
Category : Books
Release Date : 11-7-2013
Book : English Books
Downloads : 274
Reads : 4056

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Shadows of Treachery Ebook Summary Download

Download Shadows of Treachery free pdf ebook online. Shadows of Treachery is a book by Christian Dunn on 1-9-2012. Enjoy reading book with 1061 readers by starting download or read online Shadows of Treachery.

Full eBook Title : Shadows of Treachery
Author : Christian Dunn
Category : Books
Release Date : 1-9-2012
Book : English Books
Downloads : 56
Reads : 1061

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Treachery in Bordeaux Ebook Summary Download

Download Treachery in Bordeaux free pdf ebook online. Treachery in Bordeaux is a book by Jean-Pierre Alaux on 21-1-2004. Enjoy reading book with 325 readers by starting download or read online Treachery in Bordeaux.

Full eBook Title : Treachery in Bordeaux
Author : Jean-Pierre Alaux
Category : Books
Release Date : 21-1-2004
Book : English Books
Downloads : 99
Reads : 325

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Treachery (Giordano Bruno, #4) Ebook Summary Download

Download Treachery (Giordano Bruno, #4) free pdf ebook online. Treachery (Giordano Bruno, #4) is a book by S.J. Parris on 1-2-2014. Enjoy reading book with 1778 readers by starting download or read online Treachery (Giordano Bruno, #4).

Full eBook Title : Treachery (Giordano Bruno, #4)
Author : S.J. Parris
Category : Books
Release Date : 1-2-2014
Book : English Books
Downloads : 152
Reads : 1778

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Queen Isabella: Treachery, Adultery, and Murder in Medieval England Ebook Summary Download

Download Queen Isabella: Treachery, Adultery, and Murder in Medieval England free pdf ebook online. Queen Isabella: Treachery, Adultery, and Murder in Medieval England is a book by Alison Weir on --2005. Enjoy reading book with 4130 readers by starting download or read online Queen Isabella: Treachery, Adultery, and Murder in Medieval England.

Full eBook Title : Queen Isabella: Treachery, Adultery, and Murder in Medieval England
Author : Alison Weir
Category : Books
Release Date : --2005
Book : English Books
Downloads : 310
Reads : 4130

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Treachery (Nightshade #2.5; Nightshade World #5.5) Ebook Summary Download

Download Treachery (Nightshade #2.5; Nightshade World #5.5) free pdf ebook online. Treachery (Nightshade #2.5; Nightshade World #5.5) is a book by Andrea Cremer on 13-12-2011. Enjoy reading book with 1127 readers by starting download or read online Treachery (Nightshade #2.5; Nightshade World #5.5).

Full eBook Title : Treachery (Nightshade #2.5; Nightshade World #5.5)
Author : Andrea Cremer
Category : Books
Release Date : 13-12-2011
Book : English Books
Downloads : 79
Reads : 1127

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Treachery at Lancaster Gate (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #31) Ebook Summary Download

Download Treachery at Lancaster Gate (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #31) free pdf ebook online. Treachery at Lancaster Gate (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #31) is a book by Anne Perry on 22-3-2016. Enjoy reading book with 1686 readers by starting download or read online Treachery at Lancaster Gate (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #31).

Full eBook Title : Treachery at Lancaster Gate (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #31)
Author : Anne Perry
Category : Books
Release Date : 22-3-2016
Book : English Books
Downloads : 237
Reads : 1686

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Temptation and Treachery Ebook Summary Download

Download Temptation and Treachery free pdf ebook online. Temptation and Treachery is a book by Sahara Roberts on --. Enjoy reading book with 19 readers by starting download or read online Temptation and Treachery.

Full eBook Title : Temptation and Treachery
Author : Sahara Roberts
Category : Books
Release Date : --
Book : English Books
Downloads : 17
Reads : 19

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A Bridge to Treachery Ebook Summary Download

Download A Bridge to Treachery free pdf ebook online. A Bridge to Treachery is a book by Larry Crane on --. Enjoy reading book with 51 readers by starting download or read online A Bridge to Treachery.

Full eBook Title : A Bridge to Treachery
Author : Larry Crane
Category : Books
Release Date : --
Book : English Books
Downloads : 13
Reads : 51

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Ah, Treachery! Ebook Summary Download

Download Ah, Treachery! free pdf ebook online. Ah, Treachery! is a book by Ross Thomas on --1994. Enjoy reading book with 248 readers by starting download or read online Ah, Treachery!.

Full eBook Title : Ah, Treachery!
Author : Ross Thomas
Category : Books
Release Date : --1994
Book : English Books
Downloads : 20
Reads : 248

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A Treachery of Spies Ebook Summary Download

Download A Treachery of Spies free pdf ebook online. A Treachery of Spies is a book by Manda Scott on 9-8-2018. Enjoy reading book with 81 readers by starting download or read online A Treachery of Spies.

Full eBook Title : A Treachery of Spies
Author : Manda Scott
Category : Books
Release Date : 9-8-2018
Book : English Books
Downloads : 28
Reads : 81

eBook File : a-treachery-of-spies.pdf a-treachery-of-spies.epub

Bitchery(Treachery and Deceit) Ebook Summary Download

Download Bitchery(Treachery and Deceit) free pdf ebook online. Bitchery(Treachery and Deceit) is a book by Karmel Divine on 4-11-2013. Enjoy reading book with 525 readers by starting download or read online Bitchery(Treachery and Deceit).

Full eBook Title : Bitchery(Treachery and Deceit)
Author : Karmel Divine
Category : Books
Release Date : 4-11-2013
Book : English Books
Downloads : 38
Reads : 525

eBook File : bitchery-treachery-and-deceit.pdf bitchery-treachery-and-deceit.epub

Treachery's Tools (Imager Portfolio, #10) Ebook Summary Download

Download Treachery's Tools (Imager Portfolio, #10) free pdf ebook online. Treachery's Tools (Imager Portfolio, #10) is a book by L.E. Modesitt Jr. on 11-10-2016. Enjoy reading book with 781 readers by starting download or read online Treachery's Tools (Imager Portfolio, #10).

Full eBook Title : Treachery's Tools (Imager Portfolio, #10)
Author : L.E. Modesitt Jr.
Category : Books
Release Date : 11-10-2016
Book : English Books
Downloads : 57
Reads : 781

eBook File : treachery-s-tools-imager-portfolio-10.pdf treachery-s-tools-imager-portfolio-10.epub

Agents of Treachery

Title : Agents of Treachery
Author : Otto Penzler
Publisher: Vintage
Total pages: 448 pages
ISBN: 0307477525

For the first time ever, legendary editor Otto Penzler has handpicked some of the most respected and bestselling thriller writers working today for a riveting collection of spy fiction. From first to last, this stellar collection signals mission accomplished. Including: * Lee Child with an incredible look at the formation of a special ops cell. * James Grady writing about an Arab undercover FBI agent with an active cell. * Joseph Finder riffing on a Boston architect who's convinced his Persian neighbors are up to no good. * John Lawton concocting a Len Deighton-esque story about British intelligence. * Stephen Hunter thrilling us with a tale about a WWII brigade. Full list of Contributors: James Grady, Charles McCarry, Lee Child, Joseph Finder, John Lawton, John Weisman, Stephen Hunter, Gayle Lynds, David Morrell, Andrew Klavan, Robert Wilson, Dan Fesperman, Stella Rimington, Olen Steinhauer From the Trade Paperback edition.

Treachery In Death

Title : Treachery In Death
Author : J. D. Robb
Publisher: Hachette UK
Total pages: 416 pages
ISBN: 0748124055

'There's another body on a slab, Dallas. Dirty cop or not, he's dead, and she's responsible. She has to be shut downbefore she decides to clean house again.' Lieutenant Eve Dallas is about to come up against her most formidable criminal yet: Lieutenant Renee Oberman, daughter of a New York Police legend. After eighteen years on the force, Oberman is efficient, decorated - and utterly corrupt. When Eve's partner Peabody overhears a damning conversation between Oberman and one of her flunkies, Peabody, Eve and her husband Roarke are soon on the case. Together they must find the hard evidence needed to bring Oberman and all her dirty cops down - knowing all the while that she will kill anyone who gets in her way.

Treachery's Tools

Title : Treachery's Tools
Author : L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
Publisher: Tor Books
Total pages: 560 pages
ISBN: 0765385422

Treachery's Tools is L. E. Modesitt's tenth novel in the New York Times bestselling Imager Portfolio fantasy series and begins thirteen years after the events of Madness in Solidar. Alastar has settled into his role as the Maitre of the Collegium. Now married with a daughter, he would like nothing better than to focus his efforts on improving Imager Isle and making it more self-sufficient. However, the rise in fortune of the merchant classes in Solidar over the years does not sit well with the High Holders, who see the erosion of their long-enjoyed privileges. Bad harvests and worse weather spark acts of violence and murder. Once again, Alastar must maintain a careful political balance, but he cannot avoid the involvement of the Collegium when someone begins killing students. He must protect his imagers and hold Solidar together for the good of all. The Imager Portfolio #1 Imager / #2 Imager’s Challenge / #3 Imager’s Intrigue / #4 Scholar / #5 Princeps / #6 Imager’s Battalion / #7 Antiagon Fire / #8 Rex Regis / #9 Madness in Solidar / #10 Treachery’s Tools / #11 Assassin’s Price (forthcoming) Other series by this author: The Saga of Recluce The Corean Chronicles The Spellsong Cycle The Ghost Books The Ecolitan Matter At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Agents of Treachery

Title : Agents of Treachery
Author : Otto Penzler
Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd
Total pages: 300 pages
ISBN: 1848879962

From a secretive soldier on the eve of the Normandy landings to a golf-playing gun fanatic in a suburb of modern Britain, everybody has something to hide in this brilliant collection of original spy fiction that brings together the distinctive voices of the genre for the very first time. In Lee Child's 'Section 7', a Top Secret operational meeting is given a sly twist, while David Morrell's tale of an interrogator's techniques in a world where the tables might turn at any moment is dark, sinister and frighteningly real. In a business where one country's traitor is another country's hero, how far would you go to get to the truth? With an introduction from Otto Penzler, these thrilling tales of intrigue and deception, heroism and betrayal, courage and cowardice will push your adrenaline to dangerous new levels. With contributions from: Charles McCarry, Lee Child, James Grady, Joseph Finder, John Lawton, John Weisman, Stephen Hunter, Gayle Lynds, David Morrell, Andrew Klavan, Robert Wilson, Dan Fesperman, Stella Rimington, Olen Steinhauer.

Trust and Treachery

Title : Trust and Treachery
Author : Linda Kraeger,Joe E. Barnhart
Publisher: Smyth & Helwys Publishing, Inc.
Total pages: 344 pages
ISBN: 9781573124348

It was a time of great adventure, when London merchants looked westward for profits and Puritans looked westward for freedom. None tested the boundaries of civil and religious obedience more than Roger Williams. Minister, statesman, explorer, and champion of religious liberty, Roger Williams was the consummate man for these daring times. In Trust and Treachery, authors Linda Kraeger and Joe Barnhart take readers inside the life and times of Roger Williams with a literary sense of immediacy a typical biography could never capture.

The Secret Treachery of Words

Title : The Secret Treachery of Words
Author : Elizabeth Francis
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press
Total pages: 197 pages
ISBN: 9780816633289

Their Trade is Treachery

Title : Their Trade is Treachery
Author : Harry Champan Pincher
Publisher: Biteback Publishing
Total pages: 400 pages
ISBN: 1849548390

Harry Chapman Pincher is regarded as one of the finest investigative reporters of the twentieth century. Over the course of a glittering six-decade career, he became notorious as a relentless investigator of spies and their secret trade, proving to be a constant thorn in the side of the establishment. So influential was he that Prime Minister Harold Macmillan once asked, 'Can nothing be done to suppress Mr Chapman Pincher?' It is for his sensational 1981 book, Their Trade is Treachery, that he is perhaps best known. In this extraordinary volume he dissected the Soviet Union's inflitration of the western world and helped unmask the Cambridge Five. He also outlined his suspicions that former MI5 chief Roger Hollis was in fact a super spy at the heart of a ring of double agents poisoning the secret intelligence service from within. However, the Hollis revelation was just one of the book's many astounding coups. Its impact at the time was immense and highly controversial, sending ripples through the British intelligence and political landscapes. Never before had any writer penetrated so deeply and authoritatively into this world - and few have since. Available now for the first time in thirty years, this eye-opening volume is an incomparable and definitive account of the thrilling nature of Cold War espionage and treachery. The Dialogue Espionage Classics series began in 2010 with the purpose of bringing back classic out-of-print spy stories that should never be forgotten. From the Great War to the Cold War, from the French Resistance to the Cambridge Five, from Special Operations to Bletchley Park, this fascinating spy history series includes some of the best military, espionage and adventure stories ever told.


Title : Treachery
Author : Bill Gertz
Publisher: Crown Forum
Total pages: 272 pages
ISBN: 1400082013

In the stunning New York Times bestseller Treachery, Bill Gertz blows the lid off the dirty dealings of our so-called allies. Gertz’s groundbreaking reporting exposes how France, Germany, Russia, and other “friends” of the United States have armed the world’s most dangerous tyrants and terrorists—putting Americans directly in the line of fire. And in a brand-new chapter based on classified intelligence reports, Gertz documents how the treachery continues unchecked. Plus, for the first time ever, he reveals the complete story on what happened to Saddam Hussein’s weapons—a shocking account that will change the way you look at the dangers in the Middle East.

Mask of treachery

Title : Mask of treachery
Author : John Costello
Publisher: William Morrow & Co
Total pages: 765 pages

Newly discovered British and American reports, scores of interviews, and expert analysis substantiate an account of the espionage network created by Anthony Blunt and of that network's infiltration of British and American institutions

Trails of Treachery

Title : Trails of Treachery
Author : Carolyn Keene
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Total pages: 144 pages
ISBN: 144246545X

Leave it to Nancy Drew to be on the case no matter where she is.... Nancy and Bess travel to Costa Rica with George as she prepares to participate in La Ruta de los Conquistadores, a 3-day mountain bike race. It soon becomes clear that someone will go to great lengths to make sure top cyclist Derek Woodhall doesn't win.

Trick Or Treachery

Title : Trick Or Treachery
Author : Jessica Fletcher,Donald Bain
Publisher: G K Hall & Company
Total pages: 246 pages
ISBN: 9780783894966

Temptation and Treachery

Title : Temptation and Treachery
Author : Sahara Roberts
Publisher: Entangled: Ignite
Total pages: 214 pages
ISBN: 164063245X

Andres “Rio” Rivera became his ICE profile years ago. Cold and calculating, he never promises anything beyond right now. But when he ends up with a cancelled flight and a shared hotel room with the secretive Celeste Patron, the fire behind Celeste’s buttoned-up exterior melts every barrier. He may only have her for one night, but that’s long enough to make her every fantasy come true. When Celeste leaves, Rio returns to hunting a notorious cartel leader. His shock upon arresting the man is eclipsed when he discovers the woman he fell for is his daughter...and she’s pregnant with Rio’s baby. Books in the Dangerous Desire series: Desire and Deception Secrets and Seduction Temptation and Treachery

Treachery and Triumph - An Anthology of World War II Stories

Title : Treachery and Triumph - An Anthology of World War II Stories
Author : Annie Coyle Martin,Julius Falconer,Peter Good,Neil Morton,Neal James,Andrew Malloy,Ron Ooms,Steve Morris,Karl Brockmann,Derek Rosser,Chris Pownall,Avril Saunders,Derek Smith,Louise Wilkinson
Publisher: Pneuma Springs Publishing
Total pages: 214 pages
ISBN: 1782283951

WAR? DEATH AND DESTRUCTION? VIOLENCE, HATRED, INEXPRESSIBLE GRIEF? PEOPLES PITTED AGAINST EACH OTHER, TO THE DEATH? WHY ON EARTH SHOULD I WANT TO READ ABOUT IT? THERE’S ENOUGH IN THE MEDIA EVERY DAY, SURELY? YES: BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT. The stories in this Anthology aim to give a vivid insight, through a fascinating mixture of history, reminiscence and fiction, into life during WWII: for those at the front, those left behind, the young at school, the old in the twilight of their years, parents, lovers, spouses, families, colleagues; Britons, Germans, Irish, Kenyans, French, eastern Europeans and Americans (plus the odd ‘undesirable alien’!). These pages see householders struggling to maintain a semblance of normality; young men reluctant to volunteer; soldiers determined to win; acts of generosity, acts of cowardice. In these pages, there is violence – impossible to avoid in an Anthology dedicated to the memory of war – but there is also humour and romance, suspense and emotion, heroism and daring. Even the paranormal puts in an appearance (as one might say). The action is set variously in France, Britain, Eire, Kenya, Russia, Poland ... You are guaranteed hours of stimulation, enjoyment and fruitful relaxation with a book devoted to one of the defining events of our times. STARE INTO THE PAST WITH THE EYES OF THOSE GRIPPED BY ITS DRAMA. All the stories have been especially written for this Anthology by writers experienced in their field. Pneuma Springs is proud to present it to commemorate seventy years after the end of hostilities. Contributors: Karl Brockmann, Annie Coyle Martin, Julius Falconer, Peter Good, Neal James Andrew Malloy, Steve Morris, Neil Morton, Ron Ooms, Chris Pownall, Derek Rosser, Avril Saunders, Derek Smith, Louise Wilkinson Book reviews online: PublishedBestsellers website.

Treachery at Lancaster Gate

Title : Treachery at Lancaster Gate
Author : Anne Perry
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Total pages: 304 pages
ISBN: 1101886331

Gripping and provocative, the latest Thomas and Charlotte Pitt mystery by New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry peers unflinchingly into the corrupt affairs of Victorian society on the brink of the century’s turn. The world is poised for social and political change, but England holds tight to its traditions, classes, and prejudices. When an explosion in London kills two policemen and seriously injures three more, many believe that anarchists are the culprits. But Thomas Pitt, commander of Special Branch, knows the city’s radical groups well enough to suspect that someone with decidedly more personal motives lit the deadly fuse. As he investigates the source of the fatal blast, Pitt is stunned to discover that the bombing was a calculated strike against the ranks of law enforcement. But still more shocking revelations await, as Pitt’s inquiries lead him to a member of Parliament hoping for a lucrative business deal, a high-ranking police officer with secrets to keep, and an aristocratic opium addict seeking murderous revenge. As he pursues each increasingly threatening lead, Pitt finds himself impeded at every turn by the barriers put in place to protect the rich and powerful—barriers that, as they start to crumble, threaten to bury him alive. Praise for Anne Perry’s most recent Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novels The Angel Court Affair “Be prepared for another well-deserved vacation to Victorian London with Anne Perry as the most cunning tour guide you will ever need. . . . She is one of the best.”—Bookreporter Death on Blackheath “Thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining . . . The period detail is beautifully done, and realistic characters and tense action are woven seamlessly together.”—Historical Novels Review Midnight at Marble Arch “Sweeping and scandalous . . . Perry has perfected a delicate touch.”—The New York Times Book Review Dorchester Terrace “The always clever Anne Perry infuses Dorchester Terrace with the right amount of intrigue and complex relationships that have made this prolific series one of the finest in modern mystery fiction.”—Bookreporter Treason at Lisson Grove “Perry has always done her historical homework on the darker elements of the British ruling class, and she has outdone herself this time.”—The Washington Times From the Hardcover edition.


Title : Treachery
Author : Andrea Cremer
Publisher: Penguin
Total pages: 416 pages
ISBN: 1101568186

Ansel’s world is falling apart. The Nightshade pack led by his parents has been violently destroyed. His sister, Calla, abandoned her little brother, leaving him to answer for her crimes. And the Haldis pack that would have been his future is irreparably broken by Calla's betrayal. Suffering at the hands of the Keepers, Ansel is losing everything he's ever loved. The only chance he has to save himself means an alliance with his tormentors, and repaying Calla in full for her treachery.


Title : Treachery
Author : S. J. Parris
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Total pages: 576 pages
ISBN: 0007481217

Perfect for fans of C.J. Sansom and The Name of the Rose, the fourth historical thriller featuring Giordano Bruno, heretic, philosopher and spy.

The Treachery of Beautiful Things

Title : The Treachery of Beautiful Things
Author : Ruth Long
Publisher: Penguin
Total pages: 384 pages
ISBN: 1101575565

A darkly compelling mix of romance, fairy tale, and suspense from a new voice in teen fiction The trees swallowed her brother whole, and Jenny was there to see it. Now seventeen, she revisits the woods where Tom was taken, resolving to say good-bye at last. Instead, she's lured into the trees, where she finds strange and dangerous creatures who seem to consider her the threat. Among them is Jack, mercurial and magnetic, with secrets of his own. Determined to find her brother, with or without Jack's help, Jenny struggles to navigate a faerie world where stunning beauty masks some of the most treacherous evils, and she's faced with a choice between salvation or sacrifice--and not just her own.

Treachery by Night

Title : Treachery by Night
Author : Ann Ruffell,David Orme
Publisher: Evans Brothers
Total pages: 62 pages
ISBN: 9780237527280

15 year-old Conn wants to be a brave warrior like his cousin Jamie, but what warrior has a useless arm? Then Conn finds a sword in the heather and learns to fight. Can he take his place beside the other men? When the treacherous Campbells bring Redcoats into the valley, Conn finally gets his chance. 10 yrs+

Kierkegaard and the Treachery of Love

Title : Kierkegaard and the Treachery of Love
Author : Amy Laura Hall
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Total pages: 222 pages
ISBN: 9780521893114

A major study of Kierkegaard and love exploring his description of love's treachery, difficulty, and hope.

Treachery of Betrayal

Title : Treachery of Betrayal
Author : Thomas E. Rowley
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Total pages: 135 pages
ISBN: 1412037999

Have you ever been ditched? Have you ditched someone? Are you thinking about it? Are you curious about what may happen to you if you leave your relationship? Are you wondering if what has happened to you has happened to anyone else? This book tells of character assassination, of a life destroyed, all wrought by the treachery of a betraying partner. It is a chronicle that reveals a descent into a darkness of a soul and bares the thoughts from anger to desire to grief which flood through your mind and body as you try to return your life to normal. It is a picture into the soul of a man, and his self recovery from emptiness to wholeness. Everyone has been in the betrayal of an intimate relationship at one time or another. The shock of the rupture is indescribable. Your body, soul and spirit is corrupted. Your trust evaporates into thin air and an avalanche of feelings and doubts assails you from every direction. Anger, grief, doubt, uncertainty, emptiness. Your life becomes a surreal landscape where you cannot believe what has happened, or what is happening to you. You go crazy with strange thoughts and desires. You do not know yourself anymore. You believe no-one else could possibly understand how you feel or what has happened. You ask yourself what have you done to deserve this. When will this be over? It is a struggle in a net. Deadly silence enfolds people who have had a wreck take place in their intimate relationship. Nothing is ever said. No sermons are preached. No-one breathes a word about what truly happened to them inside their body, soul and spirit. Self help books line the shelves of bookstores about how to repair yourself, but there is not one book which tells the inside story of what happens. Who needs a repair manual? I wanted to know whether I had gone crazy or not. How could I be feeling the way I did? Were the thoughts which assailed me what happens to everybody in this boat? I wanted to know if what I was doing was odd. No-one has told that personal story. All there is, is silence. What then is the outcome of this event? A man was reforged; made content in body, soul and spirit. Renewed and enthused with the possibilities of a renewed life. With a renewed integrity of character and spirit he lives alone. Happily. "I have gone through 6 years of agony and hard work. Guess what? The new me is worth every single night and day of agony, every sorrow, every loss... I couldn't and wouldn't go back to being who I was for all the tea in China. I wouldn't be able to live that way anymore." This book breaks the silence. It must be read.