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Tagged (Apocalypse Assassins Trilogy #2) Ebook Summary Download

Download Tagged (Apocalypse Assassins Trilogy #2) free pdf ebook online. Tagged (Apocalypse Assassins Trilogy #2) is a book by D. Laine on --. Enjoy reading book with 78 readers by starting download or read online Tagged (Apocalypse Assassins Trilogy #2).

Full eBook Title : Tagged (Apocalypse Assassins Trilogy #2)
Author : D. Laine
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Book : English Books
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Reads : 78

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Tagged for Death

Title : Tagged for Death
Author : Sherry Harris
Publisher: Kensington Books
Total pages: 304 pages
ISBN: 1617730181

Starting your life over at age thirty-eight isn't easy, but that's what Sarah Winston finds herself facing when her husband CJ runs off with a 19-year-old temptress named Tiffany. Sarah's self-prescribed therapy happily involves hitting all the garage and tag sales in and around her small town of Ellington, Massachusetts. If only she could turn her love for bargain hunting into a full-time career. One man's junk is another man's treasure But after returning from a particularly successful day searching for yard sale treasures, Sarah finds a grisly surprise in one of her bags: a freshly bloodied shirt. . .that undoubtedly belongs to her ex, CJ, who now happens to be Ellington's chief of police. If that's not bad enough, it seems Tiffany has gone missing. Now it's up to Sarah to prove that her cold-hearted ex is not a cold-blooded killer. . . But finding that treasure can be murder.

Tagged by Dead Dogs

Title : Tagged by Dead Dogs
Author : Anita Bell
Publisher: Random House Australia
Total pages: 199 pages
ISBN: 174051887X

Meet Kirby MacLeod, fourteen years old and a magnet for trouble. She's on a mission to to earn her independence -aand a whole heap of money -abefore she leaves high school. She knows how, she knows where. She just has to figure out how to do it before someone else beats her to it. The Great Southern Pacific Express is one of Australia's few remaining trains to avoid tagging by graffiti artists. And it's sitting in Kirby's town that night, parked in a train stabling area. Underground magazines have placed a bounty of nearly half a million dollars on its hide for the tagger who can prove they got to it first. Kirby thinks she has a plan that will win her the bounty and still leave the train in pristine condition. But first she has to get past the guards, the dogs, the barbed wire and the high-tech security cameras -anot to mention any real graffiti vandals who might be after the bounty too.

Tagged Classics: Just The Reviews

Title : Tagged Classics: Just The Reviews
Author : James Dixon,Arnold Furious,Lee Maughan
Publisher: Lulu.com
Total pages: N.A pages
ISBN: 129142878X


Title : Tagged
Author : Amy Adams
Publisher: BookBaby
Total pages: 304 pages
ISBN: 1483530329

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Ten years earlier Kyle Kelley would never have thought this fish, of all the fish in the sea, was vulnerable. Man-eater? Yes. Mysterious? Yes. Nightmarish? Yes, definitely yes. What young boy wouldn’t? But vulnerable? That wasn’t the word that came to mind, until he stopped at the town fish docks with his father one steamy summer afternoon. On that cloudless August day, Kyle ran to catch up with his father, a local shark biologist, who had slipped through the back alley next to Kyle’s grandfather’s fish house just steps from the commercial fish loading dock. Kyle hopped the swinging chain that held the EMPLOYEES ONLY sign and rounded the building at a feverish clip. He nearly collided with his older brother Jack who was rigid and staring at one captain’s monstrous catch. “Kyle, come here!” Jack said. “Isn’t it the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? Dad works on some pretty bad fish, but this one―this one is totally wicked. Look at its teeth. How’d you like to go nose to nose with him in a wave?” At sixteen feet and easily 2,500-pounds, a female great white shark hung from a pier stanchion by a thick, bloodied rope wrapped tightly around its gills. Slightly shorter than a two-story building, she was gigantic and undeniably magnificent. Her head and jaws folded grotesquely over the rope cinched just above her torso. Her white, laden abdomen drooped downward, so swollen, she was either robust with a recent meal or carrying pups. Her crescent-shaped tail swayed an inch off the deck. Kyle couldn’t take his eyes off the massive fish. “Caught the old girl off that wreck about twenty miles north of here,” a man in a captain’s cap was saying in a loud melodramatic voice. “You know, the one they say is the pirate ship lost in a wicked nor’easter in 1720. Word is the shark was a regular around the wreck. Some called her The Warden who protected the ship’s buried treasure. Others hailed her The Executioner. One bite and you were gone, swallowed whole!” Boys younger than Kyle gasped at the captain’s exaggerated words. One even turned and buried his eyes into his father’s trousers. “For decades no one but those with a death wish would dive the wreck, not even with a lookout. Can’t say I blame ’em. This old girl was ruthless, ran my line out like a scalded dog. Nearly spooled out.” Kyle was appalled yet riveted by the story and moved with the crowd as they pushed closer to see the shark. “Put up a heck of a fight for two solid hours. But she was no match for me! And news travels fast,” he added, his chest puffing out. “I’ve already got collectors bidding against each other for her jaws, and I’ll be able to sell her teeth for a pretty penny.” The smug look on the captain’s face sent a surge of anger through Kyle. Why would anyone want to take the life of such an awesome animal? Sloshing sounds below the dock caught Kyle’s attention. Through the warped boards he glimpsed two gray seals struggling for position. They were jockeying to catch the stream of gurry, the guts and blood oozing from the shark’s jaw and streaming down to its tail and into the water. The heat of the day, a mental picture of the shark fighting for her life only to have seals gorging on her innards, and the smell of diesel fumes from a passing boat mixed with his anger caused his stomach to cramp as if he’d been sucker punched. Tasting bile, he turned and ran as fast as he could to the parking lot, where he heaved his lunch into a bush. He couldn’t get the smell of the gurry out of his nose, and he hurled again. As he stared down at the contents of his stomach, he brought his fury under control by mulling over the idea of marching back to the pier and telling the captain what he thought of his dead trophy. The monster-size shark deserved more; she deserved a better fate than to have its jaws hung above some trophy hunter’s fireplace, her teeth sold as jewelry and her fins sold in the Asian market for soup. He stood up and, wiping his mouth on his sleeve, looked around the parking lot, hoping his brother hadn’t seen. He’d never hear the end of it.


Title : Tagged
Author : Diane C. Mullen
Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing
Total pages: 208 pages
ISBN: 1607345692

Liam is a fourteen-year-old graffiti artist living in project housing in Minneapolis with his single mother and two younger siblings. When Liam’s estranged older brother coerces him to tag a graffiti symbol for a rival gang, Liam’s life is threatened. Due to his apathetic attitude in the classroom and on the baseball field, Liam’s private-school scholarship is also threatened. His mother decides to send him to Lake Michigan for the summer to live with her best friend, Kat, a sculptor and art teacher, Liam soon delves into the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, and his own personal aesthetics. He’s encouraged to consider his art seriously and how it might contribute to a greater community. Having to decide between staying with Kat and returning home to his siblings who need him, Liam’s story inspires him to reinvent himself for the better.


Title : Tagged
Author : Mara Purnhagen
Publisher: Harlequin
Total pages: 208 pages
ISBN: 9781426849701

Can Kate Morgan stand up for herself—without being labeled a snitch? Kate is just as confused as her best friend, Lan, when she arrives at Cleary High to find the building's been "tagged" with a life-size graffiti mural. Could the culprit be one of their friends or classmates? And is the kind-of-amazing creation really vandalism, or a work of art? She's tempted to stay out of it—mostly because, as the police chief's daughter, she's worried about being labeled a snitch. But when the same mysterious graffiti starts appearing throughout the state, putting more pressure on the authorities to catch the vandal, her investigative instincts kick in. Now Eli, Kate's favorite coworker at the local coffee shop, is MIA. With Lan preoccupied with her own boy troubles, Kate needs to figure out some things on her own. Like why she can't stop thinking about Eli. And what she will do when all the clues about the graffiti point to someone she's close to…


Title : Tagged
Author : Chris Bellows
Publisher: Pink Flamingo Media
Total pages: 101 pages
ISBN: 1935897985

Lionel Hobsworth Middleton, in public life a banker to the privileged and the wealthy, leads a secretive private life of sexual perversion. Secretive except to the woman who nurtures his addiction and who chooses to film it. Sadomasochism is in full color high definition. Lionel, serving as Leroy the boy on weekends, finds he has entered a relationship with no limits. Governess Elsa revels in the artistry of cinematography and shares her talent in a most unique manner. She informs Lionel that he will be tagged so that his fans will be able to scan his tattoo with their Smartphone s to watch his canings, suspension and whatever other torture the wicked Elsa can devise. Nothing is private once he steps into her apartment. There is always a camera pointed at him. Even while he is prepped by having his entire body shaved, during humiliating enemas and as Nurse Hopkins constructs a chastity device with piercings and cable ties, Lionel is constantly recorded. As the library of debauchery grows, Lionel finds he on a course of depravity he cannot reverse. When his personal assistant, Miss Teasdale receives a cryptic piece of mail with his tag on it, he lives in fear of her discovery behind its true meaning. If the prestigious firm of J. Covington and Associates were to find out about his surreptitious lifestyle they would fire him immediately; there are things that are just not done at a banking firm. When Heather Covington, granddaughter of J. Covington, takes Lionel on a business trip to Arkansas, he learns she knows all about his degeneracy into the BDSM world. She shows him her favorite videos from the site, and compliments his mistress on her editing abilities so only Lionel s identity is known. Dreading losing his job, he submits to Heather immediately. Taking him to a property they are handling in a business venture, she shows him how to be a proper pony boy and rides him bareback. As more people learn of Elsa s videos online, Lionel lives with constant anxiety of the wrong people discovering the truth about his being tagged and what it really means.


Title : Tagged
Author : Gary Crew
Publisher: Era Publications
Total pages: 32 pages
ISBN: 9781863744911

Jimmy loves to read war comics. Early one Sunday morning, as he walks his dog, he discovers a bearded, scruffy man dozing in a derelict factory and wonders why he is there. The creators of The Watertower present a powerful anti-war book for kids.


Title : Tagged
Author : Eric Walters
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Total pages: 136 pages
ISBN: 1459801709

The city is cracking down on graffiti and guerilla art. Between that and cutbacks to the local art gallery it seems like nothing is safe. But Oswald, masquerading as a graffiti artist known as The Wiz, is fighting back, by painting elaborate murals in public places and planting art in the galleries, and then by taking on the mayor himself. As the fight escalates and the stakes become higher, Oswald gets in deeper than he meant to and needs to rely on his friends to get him out of his latest mess.


Title : Tagged
Author : Robert L. Wise
Publisher: Hachette UK
Total pages: 300 pages
ISBN: 0446510335

- Tagged is the second book in the Tribulation Survival Series. The first book, Wired, was published in Warner Faith trade paperback in 3/04. - The author of 27 books, Robert L. Wise is best known for his Mega-Millennium series, which has combined sales of over 365,000 copies. It is comparable to the bestselling Left Behind series by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. - Robert L. Wise, Ph.D., is an archbishop, lecturer, and Bible teacher who has spoken throughout Europe and the Far East. He is vice president of Feed the Children and a member of the Writers Guild of New York City.

Using tagged text to support online views

Title : Using tagged text to support online views
Author : Heather Fawcett
Total pages: 11 pages

Tagged Out

Title : Tagged Out
Author : Joyce Grant
Publisher: James Lorimer & Company
Total pages: 128 pages
ISBN: 1459410750

The inner-city Toronto Blues baseball team is having a lousy year. Shortstop Nash and the Blues can't seem to win. They especially hate losing to their archrivals, the rich kids of the Parkhill Pirates. When all-star player Jock joins the team, it looks like the Blues might be able to turn the season around. The only problem? When the Pirates find out that Jock is gay, they ambush Nash and Jock, and Nash has to decide if he wants to stand by his teammate.

Tagged arithmetic

Title : Tagged arithmetic
Author : Paula J. Bettinger,Andrew M. Manos,Betty Jo Armstead,United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration,Lewis Research Center
Total pages: 18 pages

Tagged arithmetic system for use with FORTRAN programs.

A study of resonance production in double-tagged two-photon reactions

Title : A study of resonance production in double-tagged two-photon reactions
Author : John Robert Thompson
Total pages: 296 pages

Tagged atom method of studying the biosynthesis of chlorophyll

Title : Tagged atom method of studying the biosynthesis of chlorophyll
Author : A. A. Shlyk
Total pages: 238 pages