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Download Shambala Junction free pdf ebook online. Shambala Junction is a book by Dipika Mukherjee on 1-12-2016. Enjoy reading book with 21 readers by starting download or read online Shambala Junction.

Full eBook Title : Shambala Junction
Author : Dipika Mukherjee
Category : Books
Release Date : 1-12-2016
Book : English Books
Downloads : 10
Reads : 21

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Dragon Princess of Shambala

Title : Dragon Princess of Shambala
Author : Richard Nance
Publisher: CreateSpace
Total pages: 364 pages
ISBN: 9781481908436

Dragon Princess of Shambala is the long awaited finale of The Hidden World Chronicles. Elizabeth Jennings is actually the child who was mentioned in an ancient prophesy. Even at the age of four she knows she is different, but her abilities are held in check. One day she finds out why. She is not of this world and neither are her mother and father or her nanny for that matter. The whole family returns to their real world where Liz finds that she doesn't have to hide her abilities any longer. She is encouraged and finds that there is much to learn in this new world. After befriending a huge dragon by the name of Drake. She is sent along with that dragon on her first mission back to our world at the age of four. In the capital city of Lassa Tibet, the sight of a child riding on the back of a dragon not only fulfilled an ancient Chinese prophesy but began the legend of The Dragon Princess. This is only the exciting start of the many exciting adventures that are in store for this child of The Hidden World. The things she learned, the adventures she lived, both in her world and ours, was leading her to a destiny she could never have dreamed of. Before Liz's birth her mother and father found they were of this world much the way Liz had but only after Dr. Charles Jennings and Dr. Sarah Parker were fully grown. Both having PHD's in the field of ancient history and anthropology they had stumbled on secrets kept since the dawn of man. This was to throw them into the Hidden World where later they were later married. After coming back to our world to teach, Liz was born. It was an action at the university where they were teaching that put everyone's safety in question. Liz and her nanny, Jenny, were picked up in the middle of the night to be taken to safety in the Hidden World. Now that she was in this perfect world her life was to go into high gear. Her knowledge and abilities were to advance to unbelievable heights. She would not realize her true destiny until much later as the events in her life led her to the final conclusion. Because of Liz's father, she had placed her adventures into a journal that was to make it's way to our world. This was much the same way the first two books of this series came about. Journey of the Chosen, The Secrets of the Sword, and Dragon Princess of Shamballa, are all part of The Hidden World Chronicles. Enjoy the adventure but hold on to your seat, because you just may be in for the ride of your life.

Shambala Junction

Title : Shambala Junction
Author : Dipika Mukherjee
Publisher: Aurora Metro Books (PublishDrive)
Total pages: 256 pages
ISBN: 1911501127

A novel about getting lost and finding yourself. Iris, an Asian-American, is visiting India for the first time with her fiancé and not enjoying the trip. When she steps down from the train at Shambala Junction to buy a bottle of water, little does she know that her life will radically change. Stranded at the small town, she becomes involved in a local stall-holder’s battle to recover a lost child – one which is about to be sold to a rich Westerner through a child-trafficking scheme. Along the way, she discovers not only herself – but also friendship, courage and a renewed purpose in life.

Sensei of Shambala

Title : Sensei of Shambala
Author : Anastasia Novykh
Publisher: Litres
Total pages: 741 pages
ISBN: 5457198235

This world tempts but God saves. The one who doesn’t know the essence, can’t resist the temptation. The one who knows the Truth, will find the essence even where it is tried to be hidden. The one who seeks the Truth will see its Light even through the thick darkness, even if all the darkness will resist this Light. Since the time came to reveal what was hidden in ages. Since the time came to tell the secret!This book was written based on the personal diary of a former high school senior girl reflecting events of summer, 1991.

La luz de Shambala (Sarah Kincaid 4)

Title : La luz de Shambala (Sarah Kincaid 4)
Author : Michael Peinkofer
Publisher: DEBOLS!LLO
Total pages: 528 pages
ISBN: 8490320020

La cuarta y última entrega de las aventuras de la arqueóloga victoriana Sarah Kincaid. En las cumbres del Tíbet aguarda la muerte. Allí, de donde se dice que proviene la verdadera sabiduría, un grave peligro, oculto en las entrañas de la tierra, acecha a la humanidad. La joven arqueóloga Sarah Kincaid y su equipo son la única esperanza de que la Tercera Arma, que permitiría el dominio del mundo, no caiga en las poderosas manos de la Hermandad del Cíclope. Desde Constantinopla hasta Shambala, pasando por las heladas cumbres del Himalaya, Sarah deberá llegar hasta un lugar legendario, custodiado por seres míticos y ambicionado por Alejandro Magno, para reencontrarse con su pasado y ajustar, de una vez por todas, las cuentas con su destino. ¿Hasta dónde llegarías para descubrir la verdad? ¿Hasta el fin del mundo? ¿O incluso más allá...?

Sensei of Shambala

Title : Sensei of Shambala
Author : Anastasia Novykh,Anna Lanovaya
Publisher: Sensei Publishing House
Total pages: 400 pages
ISBN: 9662296107

A 16-year-old girl who suddenly encounters death reconsiders her own life and searches for answers to the everlasting questions: "What are we living for? What is the sense of life? Who am I really? She finds answers from a most erudite man, the martial-arts master Sensei.

Shambala Junction

Title : Shambala Junction
Author : Dipika Mukherjee
Total pages: 288 pages
ISBN: 9781910798393

Iris is visiting India from the U.S. for the first time with her fianc�, and not enjoying it. When she steps off the train for a water at Shambala Junction, little does she know that her life is about to undergo a radical change. Along the way, she finds real friendship, learns what counts and grows to love the country.