Saamaanthaa Saamaanthaa


Title : Saamaanthaa
Author : D. T. Neal
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
Total pages: 440 pages
ISBN: 9781463688431

"Something's been eating Samantha's friends, and she's afraid it just might be her. Set in Chicago in 2007, "Saamaantha" follows Samantha Hain, a 28-year-old performance artist whose peers include poets and painters who see themselves as cultured subversives in a world full of ordinary people. During a night out with those friends, Sam encounters Ansel Rupino, an artist, a werewolf, and is infected by him during a one-night stand. She sees her world turned inside out as she struggles to reconcile her artistic persona with her lycanthropy, as Sam finds artistic inspiration and expression, both creative and destructive, through her infection. As the story propels her through the city, the unpredictable and gruesome consequences of her malady become increasingly dire for Sam, her friends, the city, and even the world. "Saamaanthaa" explores lycanthropy-as-art, the effect of Sam's disease on her relationships, and what it means to be a monster, and a woman, in a world of men."--Back cover.