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The Hunter Killers: Egyptian Dawn Ebook Summary Download

Download The Hunter Killers: Egyptian Dawn free pdf ebook online. The Hunter Killers: Egyptian Dawn is a book by Eric Meyer on 16-9-2013. Enjoy reading book with 27 readers by starting download or read online The Hunter Killers: Egyptian Dawn.

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Author : Eric Meyer
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Release Date : 16-9-2013
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Before the Dawn (Killer Instinct, #2) Ebook Summary Download

Download Before the Dawn (Killer Instinct, #2) free pdf ebook online. Before the Dawn (Killer Instinct, #2) is a book by Cynthia Eden on 24-7-2017. Enjoy reading book with 689 readers by starting download or read online Before the Dawn (Killer Instinct, #2).

Full eBook Title : Before the Dawn (Killer Instinct, #2)
Author : Cynthia Eden
Category : Books
Release Date : 24-7-2017
Book : English Books
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Killer's Instinct Ebook Summary Download

Download Killer's Instinct free pdf ebook online. Killer's Instinct is a book by Dawn Dalton on 27-11-2013. Enjoy reading book with 26 readers by starting download or read online Killer's Instinct.

Full eBook Title : Killer's Instinct
Author : Dawn Dalton
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Release Date : 27-11-2013
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MisDiagnosis Murder Ebook Summary Download

Download MisDiagnosis Murder free pdf ebook online. MisDiagnosis Murder is a book by Lyle Nicholson on 30-11-2012. Enjoy reading book with 7 readers by starting download or read online MisDiagnosis Murder.

Full eBook Title : MisDiagnosis Murder
Author : Lyle Nicholson
Category : Books
Release Date : 30-11-2012
Book : English Books
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The Hatpin Killer Ebook Summary Download

Download The Hatpin Killer free pdf ebook online. The Hatpin Killer is a book by Rachel Dawn Allen on 1-4-2012. Enjoy reading book with 10 readers by starting download or read online The Hatpin Killer.

Full eBook Title : The Hatpin Killer
Author : Rachel Dawn Allen
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Release Date : 1-4-2012
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Kiss the Killer (From the CIA #2) Ebook Summary Download

Download Kiss the Killer (From the CIA #2) free pdf ebook online. Kiss the Killer (From the CIA #2) is a book by Dawn Kunda on 26-5-2015. Enjoy reading book with 3 readers by starting download or read online Kiss the Killer (From the CIA #2).

Full eBook Title : Kiss the Killer (From the CIA #2)
Author : Dawn Kunda
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Release Date : 26-5-2015
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The Killer Combo: Books 1-3 of the Detective Kelley Mystery series Ebook Summary Download

Download The Killer Combo: Books 1-3 of the Detective Kelley Mystery series free pdf ebook online. The Killer Combo: Books 1-3 of the Detective Kelley Mystery series is a book by Molly Dawn on --. Enjoy reading book with 0 readers by starting download or read online The Killer Combo: Books 1-3 of the Detective Kelley Mystery series.

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Author : Molly Dawn
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The Killer Conclusion: Book Three of the Detective Kelley Mystery series Ebook Summary Download

Download The Killer Conclusion: Book Three of the Detective Kelley Mystery series free pdf ebook online. The Killer Conclusion: Book Three of the Detective Kelley Mystery series is a book by Molly Dawn on --. Enjoy reading book with 0 readers by starting download or read online The Killer Conclusion: Book Three of the Detective Kelley Mystery series.

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Author : Molly Dawn
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Book : English Books
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Serial Killers

Title : Serial Killers
Author : David Wilson
Publisher: Waterside Press
Total pages: 192 pages
ISBN: 9781906534417

Looks at the serial murders in Britain from the 'gay murders' of Michael Copeland in 1960 to the Ipswich murders of 2006. This work follows events from a social and victim-related perspective. It also covers the following killers' victims: The Ipswich murders of 2006, Peter Sutcliffe (The Yorkshire Ripper), Dennis Nilsen, and Harold Shipman.

Serial Killers and Mass Murderers

Title : Serial Killers and Mass Murderers
Author : John E. Derossett,Marlene Derossett
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
Total pages: 174 pages
ISBN: 9781482009286

What constitutes a serial killer is open for debate. Some say that in order to be classified as a serial killer a person must have killed at least three people in the same manner. Each murder is followed by a “cooling off” period. Still others, including the FBI, say that it takes only two murders to call a person a serial killer. The serial killer is not motivated by material gain but rather psychological triggers such as the need for feeling powerful. The killer often gets some sort of sexual gratification from his acts of violence, even if he does not rape his victim.Volume one covers:Lavinia Fisher, Maury Travis, David Carpenter, Rodney Alcala, Robert Berdella, David Berkowitz, Kenneth Bianchi, Angelo Bouno, Jerry Brudos, Judy Buenoano, Charles Manson and Adam Lanza.

Serial Killers - Philosophy for Everyone

Title : Serial Killers - Philosophy for Everyone
Author : S. Waller
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Total pages: 248 pages
ISBN: 9781444341409

Serial Killers - Philosophy for Everyone investigates our profound intrigue with mass-murderers. Exploring existential, ethical and political questions through an examination of real and fictional serial killers, philosophy comes alive via an exploration of grisly death. Presents new philosophical theories about serial killing, and relates new research in cognitive science to the minds of serial killers Includes a philosophical look at real serial killers such as Ian Brady, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer and the Zodiac killer, as well as fictional serial killers such as Dexter and Hannibal Lecter Offers a new phenomenological examination of the writings of the Zodiac Killer Contains an account of the disappearance of one of Ted Bundy's victims submitted by the organization Families and Friends of Missing Persons and Violent Crime Victims Integrates the insights of philosophers, academics, crime writers and police officers

The Law Killers

Title : The Law Killers
Author : Alexander McGregor
Publisher: Black & White Publishing
Total pages: 288 pages
ISBN: 1845027256

True crime from Dundee, covering the most fascinating and shocking cases from the last century. Having reported on many of them first-hand, journalist Alexander McGregor has unique insight into the cases and his stories are as chilling as they are compelling. In The Law Killers Alexander examines some of the country's most fascinating and chilling cases and peels back the civilised layers of our society to reveal what lies beneath.

Sadistic Killers

Title : Sadistic Killers
Author : Carol Anne Davis
Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW
Total pages: 352 pages
ISBN: 1848395418

Acclaimed crime writer Carol Anne Davis explores the minds of sadistic killers: their childhoods, their growing pathology and horrific crimes. Knowing what some of these killers endured doesn’t even begin to excuse their crimes – but it does explain them. Davis delineates the different subgroups of sadists – for example, those who kill indiscriminately – in Britain, the US and Australia. There are also chapters on: • female sadists, who tend to be overlooked by the media. • consensual sadomasochism – including a rare interview with a well-known female practitioner, Lynn Paula Russell. • input from a psychologist who has helped rehabilitate some of Britain’s most violent men. Sadistic Killers is a compelling look at the formative influences of a sadist and at his or her crimes. Unflinching in detail but never gratuitous, this is an informative read with a hopeful ending.

2015 Serial Killers True Crime Anthology, Volume II

Title : 2015 Serial Killers True Crime Anthology, Volume II
Author : RJ Parker,Peter Vronski,Michael Newton,Katherine Ramsland,Sylvia Perrini,Kelly Banaski
Total pages: 345 pages
ISBN: 1500505161

This is the second volume of the bestselling annual, Serial Killers True Crime Anthology, a collection of some of the best true crime writing on serial killers over the year. Several of these authors who appeared in Volume 1 of the Anthology, return this year to Volume 2 with new stories. 2015 Serial Killers True Crime Anthology Volume 2: Peter Vronsky in the chilling story "Zebra! The Hunting Humans 'Ninja' Truck Driver Serial Killer" describes the carnage perpetrated in 2007 by Adam Leroy Lane, a long haul truck driving serial killer who after repeatedly watching in his truck cab a serial killer DVD movie he was obsessed with, forayed out in the night from Interstate highway truck-stops dressed in Ninja black to re-enact the movie scenes by killing and mutilating unsuspecting women in their homes until he was captured by a fifteen-year old girl and her parents when he attempted to kill her as she slept in her bedroom.RJ Parker in "Demons" introduces us to the little known story of Canada's serial killer Michael Wayne McGray who murdered men, women and children indiscriminately and whom even prison could not stop from continuing his killing. In the "Grim Sleeper" Parker describes the brutal crimes of Lonnie Franklin, Jr. who over a 23-year killing career, took a fourteen-year hiatus (thus his nickname) before resuming his murders of women in Los Angeles.Katherine Ramsland in "The Babysitter" brings us up to date on the still unsolved horrific1976 mutilation child murders in Detroit that inspired Bill Connington's one-man Broadway play and Joyce Carol Oates 1995 novella Zombie. In "Really! The Other Guy Did It." Ramsland explores the bizarre case of serial killer Douglas Perry who after killing several women underwent a transsexual change into a woman, Donna Perry, who when apprehended, claimed the murders were perpetrated by his former male self who no longer existed. Ramsland asks, "Is guilt in the body or the soul?" Michael Newton in "Bad Medicine" and "Angel of Death" describes two serial killers where we least expect them: health care workers. Physician Dr. Harold Shipman who murdered 250 victims in Britain and might be history's most prolific serial killer, and the smiling mild mannered Ohio medical orderly 'Angel of Death' Donald Harvey, who confessed to murdering 87 helpless patients, stating, "So I played God."Sylvia Perrini, Britain's true crime chronicler of female serial killers in "The House of Horrors" revisits the notorious case of Rosemary West who teamed up with her husband Fred in the rape, torture and murder of ten young women in their rooming house, including her own daughter. In "The Mum Who Killed for Kicks" Perrini looks at the recent case of Joanne Dennehy, a mother of a thirteen-year old who inexplicably went on a thrill kill serial killing spree in which she tortured and murdered three men with a knife and attempted to kill two others.Kelly Banaski, a newcomer to true crime writing, brings us "Stripped of his medals and female panties", the strange case of a Canadian air force base commander, a colonel who piloted senior government officials and even the Queen of England, who suddenly began to commit a series of panty fetish burglaries that eventually escalated to horrific rape-torture murders of women. Enjoy and be horrified!!

Female Serial Killers

Title : Female Serial Killers
Author : Peter Vronsky
Publisher: Penguin
Total pages: 496 pages
ISBN: 1101205695

The first book of its kind-photographs included. Mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers-fiendish killers all. Society is conditioned to think of murderers and predators as men, but in this fascinating book, Peter Vronsky exposes and investigates the phenomenon of women who kill-and the political, economic, social, and sexual implications. From history's earliest recorded cases of homicidal females to Irma Grese, the Nazi Beast of Belsen, from Britain's notorious child-slayer Myra Hindley to 'Honeymoon Killer' Martha Beck, from the sensational murder-spree of Aileen Wournos, to cult killers, homicidal missionaries, and the sexy femme fatale, Vronsky challenges the ordinary standards of good and evil and defies the accepted perceptions of gender role and identity.

Serial Killers True Crime Anthology 2014 Vol. I

Title : Serial Killers True Crime Anthology 2014 Vol. I
Author : RJ Parker,Peter Vronsky,Michael Newton,Dane Ladwig,Sylvia Perrini
Total pages: 277 pages
ISBN: 1494325896

Some of the serial killers chosen for this first annual Serial Killers True Crime Anthology you might have heard of and we present their tales in new ways. Others have not graced every newspaper, tabloid or television screen and represent tales of true crime horror told in detail for the first time in these pages. Five of true crime's most prolific authors have come together in these pages to present their most compelling cases of serial homicide, famous and not so famous. WARNING: This book contains graphic forensic crime scene photos and statements that some may find disturbing. "The lambs may have stopped screaming, but Hannibal Lecter has nothing on the very 'real' monsters presented here." Serial killers; they cross the bounds of evil. They murder at random without logic or reason other than the one twisting in their sick and evil minds. They are diabolical vile creatures devoid of morality or pity. You will meet a chosen few of them in these pages. We will see that serial killers are roaming among us all, from small towns to big cities. They are not limited to a particular place, gene pool, culture, social class or religion. They are not restricted to any particular demographic, political propensity and they can be of any gender. "To cover such vast territory of the criminal mind is a credit to the dedication a small group of determined authors who possess a passion in true crime and it is evident in the pages of Serial Killers True Crime Anthology 2014, a book you will embrace and come back to repeatedly, I will. I am excitedly anticipating volume two next year."- ★★★★★ John Douglas, FBI Profiler bestseller author of Mind Hunter

Inside the Minds of Serial Killers

Title : Inside the Minds of Serial Killers
Author : Katherine M. Ramsland
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Total pages: 199 pages
ISBN: 9780275990992

Examines the variety of serial killers and explains how they work, why they do what they do, who they are and what makes them kill

Why We Love Serial Killers

Title : Why We Love Serial Killers
Author : Scott Bonn
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
Total pages: 272 pages
ISBN: 1632201895

For decades now, serial killers have taken center stage in the news and entertainment media. The coverage of real-life murderers such as Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer has transformed them into ghoulish celebrities. Similarly, the popularity of fictional characters such as Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter or Dexter demonstrates just how eager the public is to be frightened by these human predators. But why is this so? Could it be that some of us have a gruesome fascination with serial killers for the same reasons we might morbidly stare at a catastrophic automobile accident? Or it is something more? In Why We Love Serial Killers, criminology professor Dr. Scott Bonn explores our powerful appetite for the macabre, while also providing new and unique insights into the world of the serial killer, including those he has gained from his correspondence with two of the world’s most notorious examples, David Berkowitz (“Son of Sam”) and Dennis Rader (“Bind, Torture, Kill”). In addition, Bonn examines the criminal profiling techniques used by law enforcement professionals to identify and apprehend serial predators, he discusses the various behaviors—such as the charisma of the sociopath— that manifest themselves in serial killers, and he explains how and why these killers often become popular cultural figures. Groundbreaking in its approach, Why We Love Serial Killers is a compelling look at how the media, law enforcement agencies, and public perception itself shapes and feeds the “monsters” in our midst.

Serial Killers

Title : Serial Killers
Author : William Murray
Publisher: Canary Press
Total pages: 192 pages
ISBN: 0953797643

A well-liked, respected, caring pillar of the community - or an outsider, socially inept and with a frightening appearance? Wearing many different masks, serial killers are among the most disturbing and dangerous violent criminals in existence.They are individuals who have a history of multiple murders, normally committed over a long period of time and often with periods of apparent normality in between.With their different appearances and motives serial killers are hard to identify and often much harder to understand. Yet they must be caught because the one unifying characteristic all serial killers share is their inability to feel remorse for their actions, and consequently their need to keep on killing...Some profilers believe that serial killers don't learn from their mistakes. This book explores the greed-factor that sets in and explains how killers come to think that the more they kill and get away with it, the easier it will become.

Supernatural Serial Killers

Title : Supernatural Serial Killers
Author : Samantha Lyon,Dr Daphne Tan
Publisher: Arcturus Publishing
Total pages: N.A pages
ISBN: 1784281328

Albert Fish held the genuine belief that the murders he committed were upon instruction from God. Peter Stumpp, who started practising the "wicked arts from twelve years of age", was convinced he was a werewolf. There are many more murderous individuals like them. Supernatural Serial Killers explores the association between serial killers and the supernatural. The crimes committed by these men and women usually involved sexual deviance, cannibalism and violence toward children. In sixteenth century Europe, the problem became so significant that 'Werewolf Witch Trials' were conducted - many have no idea that it was possible to be tried and convicted for the crime of being a Werewolf, but Lycanthropy was a serious and major social concern in the 1500s. In this book, approximately twenty supernatural serial killers are discussed, including their background, crimes, trials and defences.

The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers

Title : The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers
Author : Michael Newton
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
Total pages: 515 pages
ISBN: 0816069875

The Encyclopaedia of Serial Killers, Second Edition provides accurate information on hundreds of serial murder cases - from early history to the present. Written in a non-sensational manner, this authoritative encyclopaedia debunks many of the myths surrounding this most notorious of criminal activities. New major serial killers have come to light since the first edition was published, and many older cases have been solved (such as the Green River Killer) or further investigated (like Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac Killer). Completely updated entries and appendixes pair with more than 30 new photographs and many new entries to make this new edition more fascinating than ever. New and updated entries include: Axe Man of New Orleans; BTK Strangler; Jack the Ripper; Cuidad Juarez, Mexico; John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, the Sniper Killers; Gary Leon Ridgway, the Green River Killer; and Harold Frederick Shipman.

Painkillers, Heroin, and the Road to Sanity

Title : Painkillers, Heroin, and the Road to Sanity
Author : Joani Gammill
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Total pages: 180 pages
ISBN: 1616495286

Recovery from prescription painkiller or heroin addiction can feel impossible, with low numbers of people sustaining recovery. But there is hope. With guidance from those in long-term recovery, along with new approaches to treatment, a healthy, drug-free life is possible. Recovery from prescription painkiller or heroin addiction can feel impossible, especially considering that those who have gone through typical twenty-eight-day treatment programs often experience relapses and sometimes even fatal overdoses. But there is hope.In Painkillers, Heroin, and the Road to Sanity, recovering addict and prominent interventionist Joani Gammill offers a radically effective approach for those struggling with opiate addiction, sharing sometimes controversial tips that have worked for others who are in long-term recovery. Gammill examines the science behind the low numbers of people sustaining recovery from the disease of opiate addiction. Tapping the pioneering work of treatment professionals whose new approaches are changing the way we think about opiate addiction, she offers practical steps for creating a realistic and effective recovery plan.Gammill affirms that recovery from opiate addiction is a process, not an event. This honest and trustworthy guide reveals that, although it may not happen in one detox or treatment experience, a healthy, drug-free life is possible.

Serial Killers (Ned)

Title : Serial Killers (Ned)
Author : Stéphane Bourgoin
Publisher: Grasset
Total pages: 1104 pages
ISBN: 2246852501

Ouvrage de référence, traduit dans le monde entier, cette édition revue et augmentée pour la quatrième fois est le résultat d'une trentaine d'années de recherches sur ces criminels qui tuent en série sans mobile évident, mais sous l'emprise de pulsions sexuelles le plus souvent ; et qui commettent leurs forfaits en toute impunité pendant des mois, voire des années. Stéphane Bourgoin a pu s'entretenir avec plus de soixante-quinze de ces serial killers dans les prisons de hauté sécurité du monde entier. Cannibales, comme Ottis Toole ou le pédophile sud-africain Stewart Wilken ; psychotiques, tel Gary Heidnik, dont le cas inspire le personnage de Buffalo Bill dans Le Silence des agneaux ; ou Richard Chase et James Riva, authentiques vampires modernes ; femmes criminelles, comme Martha Beck ou Christine Falling ; tueurs d'enfants à l'exemple de John Joubert et Albert Fish ; nécrophiles et chasseurs de têtes, à l'image de Gerard Schaefer et Ed Kemper qui sert de modèle au Hannibal Lecter de Thomas Harris ; étrangleurs de prostituées à la façon d'Arthur Shawcross, tous expriment les mêmes fantasmes sanglants - et une absence totale de remords. Grâce à de nombreux séjours à l'étranger, l'auteur a pu rencontrer les agents spéciaux du FBI chargés d'étudier ces assassins hors norme, ainsi que des profilers du monde entier qui utilisent une approche psychologique et des bases de données informatiques pour résoudre les enquêtes. Leurs conclusions sont confrontées à l'avis des plus grands psychiatres dans le domaine. L'ouvrage est complété par de nouveaux entretiens et portraits de tueurs, un cahier-photo revisité, une étude sur la "détection de la sérialité", par le colonel de Gendarmerie Joël Vaillant et par une étude sur les nouvelles méthodes d'investigation informatique du FBI.

Serial Killers

Title : Serial Killers
Author : David Wilson
Publisher: Waterside Press
Total pages: 192 pages
ISBN: 1904380336

This eagerly awaited book examines serial killings that took place in Britain from 1960-2006, including the 'Ipswich Murders' of late 2006. Serial Killers is a ground-breaking work that looks at these events from victim-related and wider social perspectives. Criminologist and former prison governor David Wilson - who has direct experience of working with several of the offenders concerned - analyzes the existing literature before concluding that it is not everyone that is at risk from 'Hunting Britons.' It is people from vulnerable groups who are targeted, mainly the elderly, women involved in prostitution, gay men, runaways, throwaways, and children and kids moving from place to place.

America's 13 Worst Serial Killers

Title : America's 13 Worst Serial Killers
Author : J.D. Rockefeller
Publisher: J.D. Rockefeller
Total pages: 42 pages
ISBN: 1522841660

Learn about the most atrocious crimes known to man, committed by the most dangerous serial killers. This is the true story of America's 13 Worst Serial Killers and how they turned the lives of many innocent victims upside down while causing chaos and creating surprise and utter shock in the minds of the American public at large.

Spree Killers

Title : Spree Killers
Author : Rodney Castledon
Publisher: Canary Press eBooks
Total pages: 448 pages
ISBN: 1907795928

20 April 1999, Columbine High School, Colorado, USA. Lunchtime. Enter Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold armed with shotguns. Pumping bullets into two classmates they left one dead and the other fighting for his life. They went on the rampage through the school leaving in their wake a trail of bloody death and destruction. In the aftermath, fifteen were dead, including the killers, and twenty-four were seriously injured. Spree Killers examines the events surrounding the world’s most shocking mass-killings; from the tortured drawn-out deaths of Hiroshima to the postal worker who made one too many deliveries and finally went crazy with a gun. Contents: Ancient Slayings including Viking Berserkers, Neolithic mass killings Mass Murder by the State including The Spanish Inquisition, The Holocaust, Russian Revolution Wartime Massacres including The Blitz, My Lai, Hiroshima and Nagasaki Breaking Point Killers including Derrick Bird, Raoul Moat, Appomattox shootings Also including School Massacres, Workplace Killings, Mission Murders

Lady killers

Title : Lady killers
Author : Anja Feliers
Publisher: Lannoo Meulenhoff - Belgium
Total pages: N.A pages
ISBN: 940144529X

?Ze zijn jong en mooi, maar hebben duistere geheimen. Liesa verleidt in Wreek mij de stoere Ron, maar hij weet niet dat zij een geheime agenda heeft. In Naakt! staan alleen nog maar twee rivalen een passionele romance tussen Louise en Sam in de weg...Anja Feliers toont zich met Lady killers een meesteres van het korte, spannende verhaal. Thrill-factor 10 gegarandeerd!