Divorced Desperate And Delicious Divorced Desperate And Delicious

The 7 Fatal Mistakes Divorced and Separated Parents Make:

Title : The 7 Fatal Mistakes Divorced and Separated Parents Make:
Author : Shannon R. Rios
Publisher: BookBaby
Total pages: 263 pages
ISBN: 1483517233

This book’s title, The 7 Fatal Mistakes Divorced and Separated Parents Make, does not reflect an optimistic outlook. Honestly, deep in my heart I am an optimist, and I want to start this book on that note. The truth is, if you really take into account what this book says, there is so much hope for you and your children. If you choose to, you will be able to live into the reality of the subtitle, “Strategies for Raising Healthy Children of Divorce and Conflict.” To this end, I begin this book with hope. When we have hope, all things are possible. Divorce is incredibly challenging because we feel we are losing control and there are so many unknowns. So many thoughts go through our minds, “Will our children love us? Will we make it financially? Will we ever find another partner?” Life can seem futile and like there is no hope. I want to reassure you that you are in control of two very key aspects of your and your child’s future. The two areas you do have major influence and control over are: 1. Your child’s future—their relationships, self-esteem and happiness 2. Your relationship with your child The choices you make right now and into the next days, months and years will lay the foundation for the two outcomes above. Even if you are well along into your divorce, you can still impact the above two items. I guarantee you that even 15 years after their divorce, my parents sometimes still impact our relationship negatively or positively by their behavior; positive changes in their behavior can still positively impact our relationship. As a life coach, I ask you to commit to this time right now. I ask you to make a commitment to your and your child’s lives. You may never know the exact effect that these changes in your behavior will have. However, I can guarantee that by taking the time to complete the exercises and answer the questions thoughtfully and honestly, you will in some measure impact the following:  Your child’s ability to have more successful relationships with their peers.  Your child’s ability to live easier and in more peace.  Your child’s ability to feel more safe and secure.  Your child’s ability to secure more easily a wonderful partner for themselves if they choose this.  Your ability to have a more loving relationship with your child. Is it worth it? I ask you now to make a choice. Shannon Rios reviewed 50 other books to write this book and has worked with 1000s of families over the last 12 years. She teaches the state mandated course "Coparenting After Divorce" for three counties in Colorado and previously taught in MN. In the book, Shannon shares many stories and insights from her own experience growing up in a family of conflict.

The Divorced Child

Title : The Divorced Child
Author : Joseph Nowinski
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Total pages: 240 pages
ISBN: 9780230102224

Divorce is a reality of today's family life, but clinical research has shown that it is possible to mitigate its negative effects on children. Dr. Joseph Nowinski, a family therapist with over 20 years of experience treating families, argues that there is a three-year window in which to acclimate children to the change in family life. Combining case studies with new research, Dr. Nowinski gives parents the information and the tools to work through the transition. Written in a warm and authoritative tone, Nowinski will teach parents to: · Focus on your child's new day-to-day reality · Identify early signs of trouble · Help your child through the separation process and help them develop coping skills that will remain with them through life

Divorced... and Happy Again

Title : Divorced... and Happy Again
Author : Juanette Menderoi
Publisher: CreateSpace
Total pages: 152 pages
ISBN: 9781461177050

Divorce is sometimes inevitable, but the pain and conflict can be avoided. This book is an experiential guide on how to let go of divorce trauma and complexities in a step by step process to find true freedom and happiness again.

Can Divorced Christians Remarry?

Title : Can Divorced Christians Remarry?
Author : Robert Sr Eldredge,Tim Scapillato
Publisher: eBookIt.com
Total pages: 184 pages
ISBN: 0971180350

This book "Can Divorce Christians Remarry?" has a fresh new perspective based upon current and historical research and what the Bible and our loving God really do say about divorce and remarriage. God doesn't want us bound by the false "traditions of men" so this book gives specific cases when remarriage should be allowed. However, the restoration of troubled marriages is still God's first priority, so specific cases are given when remarriage should not be allowed. This book also answers difficult questions about the ordination of church leaders, as well as those relating to the emotional needs of divorced men and women. Biblical answers are given on how we can, with the help of the Lord, overcome the negative emotions of grief, anger, depression, bitterness, unforgiveness, and rejection, so we can live the happy, fruitful, and abundant lives that God desires for all of his children! (John 10:10)

Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair

Title : Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair
Author : Laurie Perry
Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.
Total pages: 261 pages
ISBN: 0757305911

Featuring personal knitting recipes and patterns, this book is the irreverent first-person narrative of a contemporary, displaced Southern woman facing life after her husband leaves her to get his creativity back.

The Divorced Parent

Title : The Divorced Parent
Author : Stephanie Marston
Total pages: 348 pages
ISBN: 9780671511289

An experienced family counselor, rejecting the idea that a one-parent family has to be utterly disruptive for a child, offers guidance on how to handle a divorce and subsequent behavior to minimize its harmful effects. Reprint.

Grandparenting in Divorced Families

Title : Grandparenting in Divorced Families
Author : Neil Ferguson,Gillian Douglas
Publisher: Policy Press
Total pages: 166 pages
ISBN: 9781861344991

Explores the relationship between grandparents, their divorced children, and their grandchildren.

Being a Great Divorced Father

Title : Being a Great Divorced Father
Author : Paul Mandelstein
Publisher: Nolo
Total pages: 268 pages
ISBN: 1413315267

Parent successfully after divorce and maintain a close relationship with your kids using this practical advice When you divorce, your kids take top priority. But what does it take to be a great dad after your marital status changes? Being a Great Divorced Father offers the real-world advice you need to maintain a great relationship with your children, even as your relationship with your spouse comes to an end. This book's unique observations and strategies will help you build a new life after your divorce, in which the kids are front and center. It addresses: creating a new home and making room for the kids managing babysitters, after-school care, and other details of daily life creating and enforcing house rules governing homework, TV, computer and game use, and recreation communicating with your ex - being nice, sparing the kids, establishing boundaries, and finding ways to agree settling legal and custody battles dating and remarriage Being a Great Divorced Dad focuses on helping you be the best dad you can be. You'll be able to maintain an extended family through collaboration and cooperation with your former spouse, keeping the focus on your children. Plus, read insights from families who have gone through the challenges of transitioning through a divorce and achieved success. Build a close relationship with your children through the trials of divorce with this book.

Tips for the Divorced Dad

Title : Tips for the Divorced Dad
Author : Elaine Walsh
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Total pages: 113 pages
ISBN: 1553695011

With divorce being so prevalent just about everyone either needs this book and/or knows someone who needs it. It is the perfect gift book. The author is a mother who watched and learned as her daughter adjusted to her parents' divorce - in particular, as her daughter and ex-husband adjusted to their new relationship. This book is the collection of life lessons learned over six years. Knowledge that was gained both first-hand and through interviews with many other families in the midst of divorce. Because this knowledge has been documented and shared, fathers and children will benefit from what others have lived and learned.

Young & Divorced

Title : Young & Divorced
Author : Samantha Kelly
Publisher: BookBaby
Total pages: 112 pages
ISBN: 1483512606

What happens when the life you dreamed of, prepared for, and invested in suddenly goes up in smoke? What next? How do you find the courage to leave it all behind and start over, to go somewhere you never imagined yourself going? Samantha Kelly, a professional counselor and professor of Stress Management, shares her honest and personal story of divorce at twenty-three years old. Find empathy, strength, guidance, and hope through her experience and application of doctrinal principles and healthy coping skills. If you find yourself in the midst of your own tragedy, discover how to not only survive but triumph.

Jewish First Wife, Divorced

Title : Jewish First Wife, Divorced
Author : Ethel Gross,Allison Giffen,June Hopkins
Publisher: Lexington Books
Total pages: 277 pages
ISBN: 9780739105023

Jewish First Wife, Divorced collects the correspondence of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal Relief Administrator, Harry Hopkins, and his Jewish first wife, Ethel Gross. These letters—flirtatious and fond, quietly argumentative and terse—reveal the significant influence of Progressivism on Harry Hopkins's political ideology and also the unique challenges for a professionally ambitious Jewish immigrant woman living in the early twentieth century.

Divorced Dating and Damn Drama

Title : Divorced Dating and Damn Drama
Author : Kat Lehto
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
Total pages: N.A pages
ISBN: 1329330544

Marissa Langerson recently got divorced, losing everything, and is struggling to regain her life and reenter her single life by online dating. She comes from the small town of Gossip where the focus of everyone's conversations is on Marissa and how she threw her life away in the divorce. The town, including Marissa's own parents, love her ex lawyer of a husband Henry. She is now trying to succeed as a divorce woman on online dating while struggling to stay alive.

My Parents Are Divorced, My Elbows Have Nicknames, and Other Facts About Me

Title : My Parents Are Divorced, My Elbows Have Nicknames, and Other Facts About Me
Author : Bill Cochran,Steve Bjorkman
Publisher: Harper Collins
Total pages: 32 pages
ISBN: 0060539429

While describing his not-so-weird life with his divorced parents, a young boy named Ted also describes some other things about himself that could be considered weird.

How To NOT Be An Idiot When You Get Divorced

Title : How To NOT Be An Idiot When You Get Divorced
Author : Jaeson D. Rau
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Total pages: 50 pages
ISBN: 1496919572

"For those even thinking about divorce, this book is a must read. In it's short and direct presentation, Jaeson has given us the ability to optimize an outcome that is beneficial to EVERYONE." Dr. Brent C. Bluekens “Straight talk from the heart of someone who has been there. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is going through divorce and struggling to find the clarity and balance they so desperately need for the well being of the ones who suffer the most.........The Children”. Betty J. Lynn-Benson BGS Former Restoritive Justice Practicioner And Civil Claims Mediator "I felt Illuminated and Empowered as I read and pondered on the vast effects of divorce. I know that the information Jaeson shares, if applied, will yield a depth of positive impact our society has not previously known. Thank you Jaeson for this “Work Of Heart” and your sincere desire to help make the journey of divorce a better one". Daryn Hubbard Coach, Developer, Explorer, Facilitator, and Innovator

Save Your Marriage, Get Divorced

Title : Save Your Marriage, Get Divorced
Author : Chris Tsirigotis
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Total pages: 330 pages
ISBN: 1602475423

Author Chris Tsirigotis takes an inside look at marriage from an everyday man's point-of-view in Save Your Marriage, Get Divorced. With humorous writing and intelligent suggestions, Chris draws from his personal experience, giving suggestions and remedies to some of marriage's most confusing and difficult situations. Although not always easy, Chris proffers suggestions for reviving lifeless marriages and transforming them into an otherworld experience. Save Your Marriage, Get Divorced will encourage, invigorate, and inspire the married man, reminding him, 'Marriage is for keeps, brother.'

Divorced, Desperate and Daring

Title : Divorced, Desperate and Daring
Author : Christie Craig
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total pages: 282 pages
ISBN: 9781519420169

Smart and sassy . . . Sheri Thompson knew better. She could spot a horn dog from a mile away, especially when she'd been warned about him countless times by her best friend. Still, when Danny started smooth-talking Sheri at that same friend's wedding, she couldn't resist. It was the best one-night stand of her life. Heck, the best night of her life. And then she woke up alone. Divorced and determined to stay that way . . . Detective Danny Henderson didn't like fear, but he'd felt a lot of it that morning he'd woken up feeling all warm and cozy next to the one woman that might just make an honest man of him. Six months later, fear has punched him in the gut again, but worse this time. He's investigating a murder plot . . . a planned hit. The target: Sheri Thompson. This time his fear won't get the best of him. He'll kick ass to keep her safe and make sure he gets a second chance at countless more nights with the woman of his dreams.

Coping Strategies of Urban Divorced Women at the Time of Divorce and Six Months Later

Title : Coping Strategies of Urban Divorced Women at the Time of Divorce and Six Months Later
Author : Mary Elizabeth McCabe
Total pages: 712 pages

Jesus Drank, Judas Repented and God Divorced His Bride (Second Edition)

Title : Jesus Drank, Judas Repented and God Divorced His Bride (Second Edition)
Author : Steve Brown
Publisher: Happy About
Total pages: 147 pages
ISBN: 1600052029

MOST religious books are "sugar coated" and non-controversial. But, the Bible isn't that way. Neither is 'Jesus Drank, Judas Repented and God Divorced His Bride.' If you do an objective study of the contents of the Bible, you'll discover that God can be quite a difficult God. While much of Christ's popularity came from the miracles he performed, those in power took notice because of his understanding of Hebrew law (Old Testament) and his outspoken intolerance for arrogance and self-righteousness among the "religious" crowd. Reading this book will force you to re-evaluate your understanding of the bible.

Divorced, Desperate and Dead

Title : Divorced, Desperate and Dead
Author : Christie Craig
Total pages: 310 pages
ISBN: 9780991020638

After a disastrous marriage and divorce, Detective Cary Stevens vowed he'd never let another woman into his heart. But when his latest investigation puts him in the way of a bullet, his bachelor days-and one-night stands-may be numbered. On the brink of death, he finds himself in Room Six, a waiting room in the hereafter where in-betweeners' fates are truly decided. He resigns himself to dying of boredom, if nothing else, in the lineup of senior citizens with their AARP magazines, when in walks the one woman who could make him want a second chance at life . . . and love. Chloe Sanders learns the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished when she pushes a little girl out of the way of a moving car and wakes up in some type of purgatory. Or maybe it's heaven, because she couldn't have asked for a hotter guy with whom to await her final judgment. The sweeping glances of his bedroom eyes and sharp-tongued flirtatiousness tell her Cary's certainly no angel, but is he real? When she finally wakes up, Chloe's determined to find out if he's truly a man of magnificent flesh and blood or just a figment of her imagination. But before she can track him down, will the murderer that first put them both in Room Six come back to finish the job?

Getting Divorced Without Ruining Your Life

Title : Getting Divorced Without Ruining Your Life
Author : Sam Margulies
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Total pages: 368 pages
ISBN: 074320641X

An updated guide to the entire divorce process explains how the emotional and financial aspects of divorce can lead to conflict, offers practical advice on reaching an amicable agreement, and includes tips on the negotiation and legal process. Original. 12,500 first printing.