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Poitiers 1356

Title : Poitiers 1356
Author : David Nicolle
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Total pages: 96 pages
ISBN: 9781841765167

Opsrey's examination of the Battle of Poitiers, which was fought between France and England in 1356. When Edward the Black Prince marched out of Gascony in August 1356, his plan was to carry out a large-scale destructive raid into the territory of the French King, John II. On 18 September, however, he was cornered south of Poitiers by a larger French army, and was left with little option but to fight. The ensuing battle proved an unmitigated disaster for the French. Their army was butchered and the King himself captured. In this volume, Dr David Nicolle details a campaign that enhanced the reputation of the Black Prince and led King John to catastrophe.

The Captivity of John II, 1356-60

Title : The Captivity of John II, 1356-60
Author : Neil Murphy
Publisher: Springer
Total pages: 126 pages
ISBN: 1137532947

This book provides a systematic analysis of the innovations that occurred in the display of royal power during John II’s four years in English captivity. Neil Murphy shows how the French king’s competition with Edward III led to a revolution in the presentation of the royal image, manifesting through developments to the sacral character of the French monarchy, lavish displays of gift giving, and the use of courtly display. Showing that the Hundred Years War was not just fought on the battlefields of France, this book unravels how the war played out daily in the competition for status between Edward III and John II.

Het verhaal van Pieter Konijn + Pieter Konijn knuffel / druk 13

Title : Het verhaal van Pieter Konijn + Pieter Konijn knuffel / druk 13
Author : Helen Beatrix Potter,Helena Phyllis Maria Kernkamp-Biegel
Total pages: 72 pages
ISBN: 9789021665900

92093, the City of UCSD

Title : 92093, the City of UCSD
Author : Kay Dietze
Total pages: 62 pages

Thirteen for 13

Title : Thirteen for 13
Author : Headline Publishing Group
Publisher: Hachette UK
Total pages: 384 pages
ISBN: 1472213203

Do you want to open the Crime Files? Would you like to complete a forensic examination of some of the best authors being published today? In this ebook sampler from the Crime Files team you will find exclusive first chapters from some of the very best crime and thriller authors Headline are publishing in 2013. From the incomparable powerhouse Karen Rose to the exceedingly brilliant Lisa Gardner, to the best in new crime writing authors, Colette McBeth and Stephan Talty, there is sure to be an author whose novel captures your imagination and leaves you dying for more. So if you love reading chilling psychological suspense, wonderfully atmospheric historicals, action-packed thrillers or devastating crime, this is one for you. Featuring exclusive first chapters from the following authors: Julia Crouch, Steven Dunne, Elsebeth Egholm, Lyndsay Faye, Lisa Gardner, Quintin Jardine, Julia Keller, Jonathan Kellerman, Colette McBeth, Claire McGowan, Karen Rose, Lachlan Smith and Stephen Talty.

Friends with Benefits, or more? - Part 3

Title : Friends with Benefits, or more? - Part 3
Author : Eva M. Bennett
Publisher: Addictive Publishing
Total pages: N.A pages

Friends with Benefits, or more? is the last part of the Friends with Benefits trilogy, the new romance by Eva M. Bennett. - TOP 10 Apple eBook store bestseller - TOP 100 Amazon.de bestseller - TOP10 Amazon.fr bestseller *** “The tears start welling up in my eyes. If anything happens to Alistair, if he is hurt, or worse… Terrible thoughts run rampant through my mind. At first I thought we were just sex friends, but he is so much more than that now, of course. He is the man I love, and he loves me back. We have even said the words ‘I love you.’” *** Alistair has traced his lost brother. He thinks his problems are solved, but he doesn’t realize that he is throwing himself into the claws of a dangerous criminal. Chloé doesn’t hesitate for a second: she has to save her lover. The girl who thought she would never get attached realizes how wrong she was, and she is afraid she might regret it... Especially as before long, she will face an offer that she will struggle to refuse… unless fate has more of its tricks in store for her, and her dream is about to crumble before her eyes? Will love triumph over danger and disillusionment? *** Eva Mary Bennett was born in 1989 in New York. Her mother is an English opera singer, and her American father was once a rocker. After excelling in communication and literary studies, she became a freelance journalist, and works for numerous popular magazines. The Friends with Benefits series is her first fictional work. *** Each volume of the trilogy contains about 32.500-30.000 words, approximately equivalent to a 90-page novel. Part 1: Friends with Benefits, if you dare Part 2: Friend with Benefits, only? Part 3: Friends with Benefits, or more? ***This is a complete, uncensored version: no scenes have been cut.***

De bewoonde wereld / druk 23

Title : De bewoonde wereld / druk 23
Author : Nicci French
Total pages: 361 pages
ISBN: 9789041412652

Friends with Benefits: Lucy and Arthur - 3 (Season 2)

Title : Friends with Benefits: Lucy and Arthur - 3 (Season 2)
Author : Eva M. Bennett
Publisher: Addictive Publishing
Total pages: N.A pages

Lucy sees her life pass before her eyes... Her internship in London, Chloe and Alistair’s engagement, her photo shoot for Vogue, her relationship with Arthur, his suggestion that she stay with him in New York. Are all her dreams going to go up in smoke? Because of this man who is hurt and alone, but above all paranoid and armed with a knife? Since the pretty English girl met Arthur, the billionaire graffiti artist, her life has been like that of the heroine in a fairy tale. But in this abandoned building, two hours’ drive from the city, nothing is certain... Will Arthur get there in time to save his princess? By the author of Friends with Benefits the series that has already sold tens of thousands of copies around the world! *** Friends with Benefits: Lucy and Arthur - volume 3 of 3

American Government and Politics Today, Essentials 2013 - 2014 Edition

Title : American Government and Politics Today, Essentials 2013 - 2014 Edition
Author : CTI Reviews
Publisher: Cram101 Textbook Reviews
Total pages: 59 pages
ISBN: 1478456795

Facts101 is your complete guide to American Government and Politics Today, Essentials 2013 - 2014 Edition. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

Eldredge 3 in 1 - Sacred Romance , Waking the Dead, Desire

Title : Eldredge 3 in 1 - Sacred Romance , Waking the Dead, Desire
Author : John Eldredge
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc
Total pages: 672 pages
ISBN: 1418589012

This 3 in 1 special edition contains "The Sacred Romance", "Waking the Dead", and "Desire" authored by John Eldredge. John Eldredge is the director of Ransomed HeartTM Ministries in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a fellowship devoted to helping people discover the heart of God. John is the author of numerous books, including Walking with God, Fathered by God, Waking the Dead, Desire, and Love & War (with his wife Stasi). John and Stasi live in Colorado with their three sons. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves being in the wild.

Critical Engagements 3.1 A Journal of Criticism and Theory

Title : Critical Engagements 3.1 A Journal of Criticism and Theory
Author : Philip Tew
Publisher: Lulu.com
Total pages: N.A pages
ISBN: 1445754851

Complete Year, Grade 3

Title : Complete Year, Grade 3
Author : Thinking Kids
Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing
Total pages: 448 pages
ISBN: 1483801934

Complete Year for Grade 3 provides a whole yearÕs worth of practice for essential school skills such as subject-verb agreement, adjectives and adverbs, multiplication and division word problems, fractions, perimeter and area, and more. Thinking Kid(R) Complete Year is a comprehensive at-home learning resource with 36 lessonsÑone for each week of the school year! Practice activities for multiple subject areas, including reading, writing, language arts, and math, are included in each weekly lesson to ensure mastery of all subject areas for one grade level. Complete Year lessons support the Common Core State Standards now adopted in most US states. Handy organizers help parents monitor and track their childÕs progress and provide fun bonus learning activities. Complete Year is a complete solution for academic success in the coming school year.

The Preacher's Commentary Series, Volumes 1-35: Genesis - Revelation

Title : The Preacher's Commentary Series, Volumes 1-35: Genesis - Revelation
Author : Stuart Briscoe
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc
Total pages: 12744 pages
ISBN: 1418587583

General editor Lloyd J. Ogilvie brings together a team of skilled and exceptional communicators to blend sound scholarship with life-related illustrations. This eBook contains the entire 35 Volume Series, Genesis - Revelation. The design for the Preacher's Commentary gives the reader an overall outline of each book of the Bible. Following the introduction, which reveals the author's approach and salient background on the book, each chapter of the commentary provides the Scripture to be exposited. The New King James Bible has been chosen for the Preacher's Commentary because it combines with integrity the beauty of language, underlying Hebrew and Greek textual basis, and thought-flow of the 1611 King James Version, while replacing obsolete verb forms and other archaisms with their everyday contemporary counterparts for greater readability. Reverence for God is preserved in the capitalization of all pronouns referring to the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. Readers who are more comfortable with another translation can readily find the parallel passage by means of the chapter and verse reference at the end of each passage being exposited. The paragraphs of exposition combine fresh insights to the Scripture, application, rich illustrative material, and innovative ways of utilizing the vibrant truth for his or her own life and for the challenge of communicating it with vigor and vitality.

Harlequin Romantic Suspense October 2013 Bundle

Title : Harlequin Romantic Suspense October 2013 Bundle
Author : Rachel Lee,Carla Cassidy,Karen Whiddon,Addison Fox
Publisher: Harlequin
Total pages: N.A pages
ISBN: 1460322347

Harlequin Romantic Suspense brings you four new titles for one great price, available now for a limited time only from October 1 to October 31! Looking for heart-racing romance and high-stakes suspense? This Harlequin Romantic Suspense bundle includes Killer's Prey by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Rachel Lee, The Colton Bride by Carla Cassidy, Texas Secrets, Lovers' Lies by Karen Whiddon and The London Deception by Addison Fox. Look for 4 new compelling stories every month from Harlequin Romantic Suspense!

American still life, 1945-1983

Title : American still life, 1945-1983
Author : Contemporary Arts Museum
Total pages: 144 pages

The Good Fight of Faith. A Sermon Preached at Saint Mary-Acts in London, Vnto the Gentlemen of the Artillery Garden, the 19. of Iune, 1623

Title : The Good Fight of Faith. A Sermon Preached at Saint Mary-Acts in London, Vnto the Gentlemen of the Artillery Garden, the 19. of Iune, 1623
Author : N.A
Total pages: 35 pages

Pluk van de Petteflet / druk 35

Title : Pluk van de Petteflet / druk 35
Author : Anna Maria Geertruida Schmidt
Total pages: 200 pages
ISBN: 9789045110950

Pluk woont op het zolderkamertje van de Petteflet. Hij is de held en de redder wanneer de andere flatbewoners en zijn dierenvriendjes in nood verkeren. Voorlezen vanaf ca. 4 jaar, zelf lezen vanaf ca. 8 jaar.

Runes (Books 1-3)

Title : Runes (Books 1-3)
Author : Ednah Walters
Publisher: Firetrail Publishing
Total pages: 954 pages

#1 bestselling YA Norse-mythology-based Paranormal romance: Runes (book 1): Seventeen-year-old Raine Cooper has enough on her plate dealing with her father’s disappearance, her mother’s erratic behavior and the possibility of her boyfriend relocating. The last thing she needs is Torin St. James—a mysterious new neighbor with a wicked smile and uncanny way of reading her. Raine is drawn to Torin’s dark sexiness against her better judgment, until he saves her life with weird marks and she realizes he is different. But by healing her, Torin changes something inside Raine. Now she can’t stop thinking about him. Half the time, she’s not sure whether to fall into his arms or run. Scared, she sets out to find out what Torin is. But the closer she gets to the truth the more she uncovers something sinister about him. What Torin is goes back to an ancient mythology and Raine is somehow part of it. Not only is she and her friends in danger, she must choose a side, but the wrong choice will cost Raine her life Immortals (book 2): Nothing can stop Raine Cooper when she wants something... Raine finally knows that her gorgeous neighbor, Torin St. James, is a legend straight out of Norse mythology, and that her feelings for him are strong. Torin is crazy about Raine too, breaking the one rule he lives by: Never fall for a mortal. The problem is he no longer remembers her, his memories erased by Norns—Norse destiny deities—to punish her for defying them. So Raine comes up with a plan... She will make Torin forget his one rule a second time and fall in love with her all over again. But she quickly learns that well-laid plans do not work when dealing with deities and supernatural beings. Desperate, Raine makes choices that could not only tear her and Torin further apart, but lead to the destruction of everything and everyone she loves gods might have erased Torin's memories, but they didn't take into account his feelings for Raine and hers for him. Grimnirs (book 3): Straight out of the psych ward, Cora just wants her life to be normal. She doesn’t want to see souls or the reapers collecting them. The guy she’s loved from a distance for years moves away without saying goodbye. So yes, she’s nursing a serious heartbreak. It’s no wonder love is the last thing on her mind when Echo storms into her life. Too bad Echo is the poster boy for everything she hates in a guy—hot, beautiful,and cocky. He is also a soul reaper. A Grimnir. The very beings she wants out of her life. Maybe normal is overrated because Cora wants it all. Answers. Love. A life.

To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled 3E

Title : To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled 3E
Author : Susan Baum,Steven Owen
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Total pages: 150 pages
ISBN: 1618216465

The Mystery Fancier (Vol. 3 No. 4)

Title : The Mystery Fancier (Vol. 3 No. 4)
Author : Guy M. Townsend
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
Total pages: 66 pages
ISBN: 1434406202

The Mystery Fancier, July/August 1979, Volume 3 Number 4, contains: "Little Old Ladies I Have Known and Loved," by Ellen Nehr, "Tension and Duality: Daphne Du Marier's 'Don't Look Now'," by Jane S. Bakerman, "His Own Desert," by Everett F. Bleiler, "The History and Activities of Mystery Fans in Sweden (and Scandinavia)," by Iwan Hedman, "The Crime Novels of Harold R. Daniels," by George Kelley, "The Curmudgeon in the Corner, Grumblings," by William Loeser and "The Nero Wolfe Saga, Part XIV," by Guy M. Townsend.